27 May

Recording videos with your kids

Recording videos with your kids can be fun but it can also have you asking why???

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20 May

Can journaling help your fathering?

Can journaling make you a better father?

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13 May

Real World Lessons: 6ix9ine & Attention

What can 6ix9ine teach our kids about attention?

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11 May

Get Paid: Kids Being Themselves with Julian Mitchell

Kids are getting paid to be themselves but how do we teach our kids that?

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29 Apr

The benefit of fully being there

How do we dads benefit from a virus like the corona virus or any pandemic?

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22 Apr

Where You Came From w/ Vic Medina

My dad would always tell me, “don’t you ever forget where you came from!”

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15 Apr

Staying Strong with Kenny Clutch

Staying strong during the hardest times isn’t easy.

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08 Apr

Flip The Script with Jason Wallace

Flip The Script, that’s how real dads operate!

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01 Apr

Dad Hacks While Everyone Is Home

Everybody is home now and it’s not easy! I used a few hacks to survive. 

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25 Mar

The Life Of Dad with Art Eddy

The Life Of Dad is on full display all over the internet and I sat down with one of the OG’s in this dad game, Art Eddy.

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