01 Jun

Father’s Day At Home Depot #FatherhoodIsLit

Home Depot is having their free monthly kids workshop this month and you know we had to join forces and do something dope for dads! 

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21 May

Father’s Day Boxing With Crunch Gym and Your Kids

You asked for round 2 and we are proud to make it happen!

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21 May

Paint Your Own Mini 3D Thanos Figure For Father’s Day With Your Kids

You know how we roll, Dads are the real Superheroes in our community! 

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18 May

Hosting a “My Hero and Me” event at a school

I was asked to host an event at my wife’s school called “My Hero and Me” for dads.

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09 May

Riding A Millennium Falcon Lego Pedicab Around NYC

Riding a pedicab is not a new thing in NYC but some reason, I never had the urgency to try one.

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25 Apr

The other side of the family, we all have them

We all have family members we don’t really know or have met, we call them the other side of the family.

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19 Apr

Hosting A Dad’s Lounge At A Mother’s Event Like MommyCon

“There’s no way I’m going to that, they have a room called vagina village”

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11 Apr

Daddy Said Knock You Out, Doing A Boxing Class With Your Kids

Do you think you need to have lighting fast hands like Floyd Mayweather to enjoy a boxing class?

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26 Mar

Family Over Everything, Sherlock Gnomes Reinforced It

The term family over everything means the world to me and I hope my kids learn to feel the same way.

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21 Mar