21 Oct

Hidden Lessons In Reselling

There are hidden lessons in reselling with your kids.

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14 Oct

Sky’s The Limit with Devo Springsteen

Devo Springsteen believes the Sky is the limit and so do I!

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07 Oct

Enforcing lessons without forcing them

Enforcing lessons isn’t always easy. 

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30 Sep

Encouraging Kids To Be Themselves with Kenneth Kellogg

How do you get your kids to be themselves?

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23 Sep

Leading By Example, The Dad Way

Leading by example is one of those things that everyone tells you to do for your kids.

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16 Sep

The City Dads Group w/ Matt Schneider

I am down with the City Dads Group!

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09 Sep

The COVID School Year, Communicate

2020 has become the year of COVID!

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02 Sep

The New Dad Smell w/ Adam Said

Adam, you can spy a new dad a mile away!!

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26 Aug

The Role Of A Father Changes

As your kids grow, does your ROLE as a father change?

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19 Aug

Building Memories with Dude Dad

Building dope memories with your kids has to be one of the greatest things we can do as humans, especially dads.

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