26 Aug

The Role Of A Father Changes

As your kids grow, does your ROLE as a father change?

Seriously think about that, how does your role change as your kids do?

Are we still needed? Are we still respected?

These were questions that kept popping into my head as I watched a video by a guy named Casey Neistat. He’s a big time YouTuber and really dope content creator; you can watch the video below! 

In his video, he was on his way to visit his college son and he started to think about his role as a dad. He spoke about his son being older and maybe not needing him as much as before.

As he kept telling his story I started to think of my dad and his role in my life as an adult. It’s not the same as it used to be but I still need him just as much. 

Different kids different roles 

role of a dad 
role of a father 

Will my kids need me as much as I still need my dad and to what capacity?

I’m lucky. I have 3 boys ranging from 4-14 years old so I’m needed times 3. However; as I grow as a father, some lessons are old some are new. Some lessons I reuse while I’m still learning all the other dad stuff on the fly. 

I serve a different purpose for all three of them.

My role does change as my oldest gets older and is going through his puberty stage. The value I bring to him is different than the value I bring to my other kids, but once again, I’m still needed big time. 

They need me for everything at the moment from a cup of water before bedtime to googling answers for my 9th graders advance math class. 

So how will that role change when I kick little man out and send his behind to college? Trust me, he’s leaving my crib lol. 

Will dad still be that cool dad that he could talk to about sneakers and girls? Or will he see me as a lame? Will his younger brothers need me while he kicks me to the curb?

All real thoughts that many of us fathers have. 

My role might change but the love won’t 

role of a dad 
role of a father 
#FatherhoodIsLit 2
first cut vibes

I really don’t know and I really don’t care. My role as a dad changes every day but the title of FATHER will never leave my side. 

My role, better yet, my promise to them, is that no matter what happens. No matter where the road leads them and no matter how much life changes…

Well, dad will be dad and the love I have for them will never change. Due to that love, I will always be there for them no matter how they see fit. 

As they grow, our roles do shift. The way we played with them before changes. The way we talk to them and what we expose them to changes as well. Every day our roles get modified and sometimes we don’t even notice it. 

Bring on the change

leading by example x  fatherhood is lit

I can’t really tell you how our kids will treat us in the future, but I can tell you that our ROLES will change! 

As they get older they will need us less and that’s ok. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you. It means you did your duty to raise them, now they can go their thing and you SHOULD be proud of that.  

Our legacy, being DOPE FATHERS, is cemented every day we show up. 

Keep making your PRESENCE felt, they might need you a little less as they grow, but that love will always stay STRONG! 

SHOW UP, it comes in many forms, and just like our role, it will change but they will always need a REAL ONE like YOU!

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