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Leading By Example, The Dad Way

Leading by example is one of those things that everyone tells you to do for your kids.

They say that kids will do as you do not as you say and they aren’t lying.

I have been able to witness this almost every day with my kids and it started to make me think of my actions when I am around them.

Make no mistake about it, I love seeing my kids act like me, it makes me proud. However; there are times when they pick up something they shouldn’t and embarrass the heck out me.

Those moments remind me that Leading By Example is a must and I wanted to fill the community in on why I believe this to be true!

Leading By Example

leading by example fatherhood is lit

We dads are superheroes, we are dope, so why wouldn’t the kids want to mimic our every move?

When you believe in the power of making your presence felt, well you start to rub off on your kids. They will speak like you, use your mannerisms and even start to think like you.

It happens over time whether we like it or not, so it’s up to us to make sure we are leading them correctly. It all starts with us believing in the power of Leading By Example.

By doing so you can show your kids what’s possible out there. This world we live in gives and it takes, now you can be the example they needed of what hard work and determination will get you.

It can also lead to teaching your kids how to move, with your values attached, in life, and how to deal with how others move. How to take the negative and flip it to a positive or how to simply deal with things the way DAD might.

But You Will Mess Up

leading by example #fatherhoodIsLit fatherhood is lit
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Perfection especially in parenting is never attainable. It’s impossible to be perfect in a world so imperfect. In a world that always evolving, there’s no way we dads can know it all.

Leading doesn’t mean we get it right, it means we know others are watching. What we do when we mess up is just as important as trying to get it right.

We can use Leading By Example to prepare our kids for the world, instill our values, and to show them that hey we don’t know it all. They might not either and that’s ok.

Not knowing it all is what fuels fathers like me. We want to be everything for our kids and will do anything to represent.

None of that can happen without a great example.

leading by example x  fatherhood is lit

Real Dads not only strive to raise great kids, but they also leverage everything around them, especially LEADING BY EXAMPLE.

Go make it happen, lead the way your dad or the way you wish your dad would, and let the values pour in. The goal isn’t to get it right the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time. The goal is to put our kids in a position to be greater than us.

There is no bar higher than the one we present, make your presence felt!

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