07 Oct

Enforcing lessons without forcing them

Enforcing lessons isn’t always easy. 

Kids will be kids and sometimes we want to teach them things that they fully don’t appreciate at the moment. 

Imagine enforcing those lessons, better yet, I’m sure you don’t need to imagine it. 

There’s always a time when you tell your kids not to do or try something and they look at you like you are crazy. There is no way YOU, the person that has experienced life way more than your kids, knows more than them. 

It’s impossible until they need us to bail them out lol. That’s what a DOPE DAD is all about anyway.  

Enforcing lessons vs forcing them 

enforcing lessons instead of forcing it

There is no denying that we dads, even the moms out there, have an abundance of experience living life. We have been through things our kids might experience later and through things they are lucky enough to hopefully never experience in their lives. 

The knowledge within us is insane and sometimes passing on that knowledge can get messy. We don’t want to feel like we are forcing it when in reality we are just trying to help. 

We forget that they are kids and that they aren’t us. Remember how you thought you knew it all? I sure do, I didn’t make it easy for my parents.  

I never really thought about how I approach enforcing some of the lessons I want my kids to know about until I was home remote learning with the kids. 

We read a book with my pre-kindergartner called Enemy Pie that really got me thinking about how creative we have to get to pass on some lessons. 

Enforcing lessons with creativity

reenforcing lessons with your kids #fatherhoodislit
fatherhood is lit

The book highlighted how a FATHER got creative when his son judged another boy without getting to know him. 

His dad said he would take care of the kid for his son by baking him an enemy pie. However; for it to work he needed to hang out with the kid for a full day. 

You pretty much can tell where this is going. The dad wanted to reinforce his lessons on not judging a book by its cover and found a sly way to do so. 

Sometimes that’s the same thing we have to do no matter the child’s age. 

Kids will know it all, they will ignore and possibly fight you while you’re trying to teach them something. That’s just the way it is but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyway. 

Evaluate what stakes are on the line and get busy like a real one. 

leading by example x  fatherhood is lit

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