19 Aug

Building Memories with Dude Dad

Building dope memories with your kids has to be one of the greatest things we can do as humans, especially dads.

Those memories hold us down when we need something to pick us up.

Building those memories with your kids can be as easy as playing video games together like my friend HipHop Gamer or you can put your tools to work like Taylor Calmus.

The internet knows Taylor as “Dude Dad,” I know him as a father that is making his presence felt by building wild things.

Building with Dude Dad

DudeDad x The real FatherhoodIsLit building

If you don’t know who Dude Dad is, let me fill you in. He, just like the rest of us dope dads, became a father but didn’t want fatherhood to change his identity.

He wanted to continue to do the things he loved, like being a dude, his words, not mine, while raising his kids. So he looked for ways to keep his identity and found it in the form of creating dope content.

His premise was simple, show the world that fathers can still be that dude they have always been and better yet, they can become even better.

He showcases this on the net with really dope videos of him creating some crazy sh*t for his kids on youtube. For example, you can catch him souping up a power wheels truck with a lawnmower engine so his kids can really ride out.

To be honest I’m a little envious of his kids. I wish my dad souped up my 4×4 trucks or even created a rollercoaster for me in our backyard.

However; that wasn’t him. We built memories together doing other things he loved and I am lucky to have that experience with him.

Building with Tayor Calmus the dad

DudeDad x  fatherhood is lit

I sat down with Taylor to find out what motivated him and kept him building such dope activities for his kids to enjoy.

The biggest surprise, he learned by doing! He didn’t have the magic touch. What he had was the desire to have fun with his kids. He was cool with trying to be like Tim the tool man Taylor but not really having his skillset.

That’s a huge lesson we can translate to our kids. We might not always know it all, but with a little effort we can pull off the impossible! They don’t call us superheroes for nothing!

We talked about creating, staying humble, the business side of things and I even got to ask him why he LOVED my #FATHERHOODISLIT slogan so much. It’s dope and so was his answer.

He represented and we hash things out like real dads are supposed to, even more lessons for our kids. I’ll podcast about that later.

Tune in below to hear what Taylor “Dude Dad” Calmus had to say and how you can keep your kids happy by building dope memories together. He didn’t hold back and represented just like I knew he would.

Thank you Dude Dad for keeping it real with the community

To get in contact with him: 

Instagram: @dudedad

Website: DudeDad.com

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