02 Sep

The New Dad Smell w/ Adam Said

Adam, you can spy a new dad a mile away!!

They still wear clean clothes and sneakers. They run over to their kids if they fall and one look from their child can get them to do anything they want. Almost works every time.

new dad smell with adam said fatherhood is lit #fatherhoodislit

Ahh, the new dad, they just act differently, and when you have been a dad for while you can tell.

I kind of miss being a new dad but not enough to have any more kids, nope, not happening.

After being a father for 14 years, if there’s anything I miss about those early days, it’s seeing my kids do something for the 1st time.

Like when they smile for the 1st time, take their 1st steps, or even that 1st time they say DADA. Not that it’s not special with every additional kid but that 1st time, wow its an eye-opener.

The New Dad Smell with Adam Said

new dad smell with fatherhood is lit

For this episode, I wanted to reminisce and asked my friend Adam Said to sit down with me to chat.

Adam runs DeadLife Studios out here in Staten Island and actually hooked me up with my intro. I have been able to watch him as he has built his studio and he has always amazed me on how he moves while being a newer dad.

Those early years are special and somehow he has been able to really balance it out. He moves like a veteran dad and I wanted to find out how he got there.

Not only did I want to know how Adam is adjusting to being a new dad while building a recording studio, but I also wanted to reminisce and compare his journey to my own so I could learn as well.

The Podcast

leading by example x  fatherhood is lit

We talked about how his daughter inspires him to build a legacy. I asked Adam about being there for the birth of his daughter and did he faint. I’m still waiting to catch that dad that did faint at the birth of his child, I got questions but no judgment.

This is one of those chats that will help newer dads become DOPE DADS while the more seasoned guys like me, get to appreciate those early days.

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