09 Sep

The COVID School Year, Communicate

2020 has become the year of COVID!

COVID has tested us in ways we have never been tested before.

Unemployment, death, politics, we have been through it all. As dads or even parents, there’s one thing that really matters to us that changed, the way our kids learn!

I have been a stay at home dad since I started my own company almost 9 years ago. Although I was home and educating my kids, I only played a small role in my kids’ learning.

The Board Of Education handled all of the craziness, I just had to come through and reinforce it. Guess that’s pretty major to be honest.

communicating with teachers fatherhood is lit #FatherhoodIsLit

Now with COVID around, we all turned into teachers. Maybe we weren’t as well trained as typical teachers. Maybe we had no clue what we were doing, but one thing for sure, dads like us don’t fold!

COVID made an impact, it’s our turn.

Dads like us care and we show it by making our presence felt every chance we get.


I used to love going to my sons’ schools and asking their teachers how they were doing. Even if they were killing it, I would ask how can we do more.

Some parents get really involved, I am that parent.

However; this year was crazy. I love to be challenged but I wasn’t ready for this challenge.

The crazy part is that I used to be a teacher, but it was much easier following a curriculum and teaching kids that weren’t my own.

So what’s a dad like us to do? Do we run and hide? Do we expect our spouses to handle it all? Or do we handle our business and figure it out?

Communication is the key

DudeDad x  fatherhood is lit

We handle our business and ask for all the help we need.

Teachers, just like us are human. They are getting pulled left and right by their own family, admins, and now students. Due to this, communicating with them becomes even more important.

The NY Times asked me for advice in regards to communicating with teachers, and it made me think about how we want to be the best fathers possible.

You have the power to really make an impact and if you feel lost it’s ok. That means you CARE!

Most importantly, because we care, we will get through this COVID school year because real dads like us, well we never FOLD, and that’s a fact!

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