20 Dec

Keep The Christmas Tradition Going With A Christmas Show

Growing up in NYC, nothing embodied the Christmas spirit as much as the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and The Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

Like most kids, I loved everything that had to do with Christmas but didn’t know how special these traditions truly were.

I am proud as hell to do the same thing with my kids, especially checking out a Christmas show together.

Here’s why you should make a Christmas Show part of your family tradition!

You Don’t Have To Go Broke Attending

#FatherhoodIsLit Xmas Show
Heres a little secret, you don’t have to splurge on an NYC vacation just to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular to have fun.

Watching the Rockettes represent on stage can get expensive and there’s no denying that this might be the best Xmas show on earth. However; it’s not the only show in town!

Christmas shows are everywhere, including your local school, museum or youth center! If your kid’s school has one, show up! They are not huge productions like Radio City Music Hall but the stories are the same!

They are more affordable, sometimes even free and can boost your families Christmas spirit big time. We were able to catch a free showing at St. George Theatre on Staten Island for the past 10 years.

Even The Small Shows Are Fun For The Whole Family


We have been to a ton of Christmas shows but still look forward to attending one each year.

I could lie and say that all I care about is my kid’s happiness, but I can’t do that. These shows aren’t just for them, it’s fun for me also!

The kids get lost in the stories and music, and you know I join them! We sing, we laugh, and we enjoy our time together. You can never beat that and the internet doesn’t provide that type of interaction together no matter what app you use!

Xmas Music & TV Shows Don’t Get The Love They Used To

#FatherhoodIsLit Christmas Show

Photo By: Peabody Opera House

Chances are that you and your family barely ever look for Xmas content outside of the holidays! In my house, we fight to watch Law & Order, in the car we battle over hip-hop music, never over Xmas content!

That’s a huge plus for Christmas shows where the theme never changes. It’s Christmas music and stories until the end. I love that! I’m not the biggest Christmas hype man, so having a show do the work for me is a blessing.

It keeps the spirit alive by reinforcing content that many of us grew up watching and listening to! It also showcases that same content to the newer generation keeping the tradition going.

You won’t catch me blasting Xmas music anytime soon, but let jingle bell start blasting over the speakers! Kids, parents, everyone starts singing along. That energy is so dope and doesn’t happen every day but it does happen at a Christmas Show!


As the internet takes over our kids lives, Christmas stories and music start to take a back seat. The world is changing and due to that, traditions are also starting to change!

A great way to keep the Christmas spirit going and maybe even starting a new tradition is going to a Christmas show together!

It doesn’t have to cost you much and the memories created together will last forever.

Even when it’s not the biggest show on earth, a good Christmas show can be great for the whole family. The music, the storytelling, and the energy are all you need!

Don’t let the Christmas spirit die, keep the tradition going by attending a Christmas show with your kids! It might just be an experience that none of you will ever forget!

What’s your favorite part of a Christmas show? Hit me up and let me know!


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