28 Oct

Clinton Sparks, Making Time 4 Your Kids! Get Familiar

Clinton Sparks says it’s easy to make time for your kids.

There’s no denying I believe him and consider him part of the #PresenceOverPresents gang of dads I roll with.

On the last episode, The Sky’s The Limit with Devo Springsteen, my friend Devo asked how I am able to do so much and still make time for my kids. I get asked this often by all of my friends and understand why. I’m always with my kids.

It’s real simple, just like Clinton Sparks, time with my kids is my number 1 priority. 

Clinton Sparks the legend, get familiar

clinton sparks presence felt
clinton sparks making time 4 your kids

I’m always on the move and still find a way to put my kids first. By being there for them, life has been way more fulfilling. I wanted to find out how other busy dads make sure their presence felt. 

With Clinton Sparks, I was able to find out how a man that has sold over 75 million records and has changed hundreds of lives in and out of the music industry. 

He is someone that can’t stay still, he is always on the move working. From being an owner of video game community XSET, to cofounding Dash Radio, to helping people who want to kill it in the music industry by hosting classes and writing books like “How To Win Big In The Music Business.”

Clinton Sparks is always on the grind, so how does a father like him make time for his 2 kids and wife?

Their time is a priority!

making time for your kids with clinton sparks

He doesn’t look for time to spend with kids, it’s the opposite. He looks for time to work, the kids get his time automatically. If they need him he’s there. If they don’t need him, he’s still there! He makes himself available to them before anyone else. 

Clinton Sparks wasn’t raised with his father around, he knows how it feels to lack on that side of things. He told our community about it but more importantly, how not having a pops around made him realize how important his role as a father is. 

He takes that role seriously, you can feel and hear it as he describes what being a father means to him on the podcast.

We talked about:

  • maintaining your sanity by being present
  • how to keep your kids humble
  • Making sure your kids chase their dreams not yours
  • And my favorite, why asking them how they are doing is important 

Not only did Clinton Sparks tell me how he makes sure #FatherhoodIsLit but he also gave actionable advice on how we can make sure we make our own PRESENCE felt over everything else. 

Get familiar below 

leading by example x  fatherhood is lit

Get in contact with Clinton Sparks:

IG: @clintonsparks Website: clintonsparks.com XSET

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