11 Nov

Behind The Smoke: Gems From Friends

Sometimes you need to take a step back and focus on the gems dropped. 

I learned that while running my old company The Phat Startup. 

We would invite big-timers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tristan Walker, and more to talk to our community of hustlers. Things would get so busy that we made it our duty to go back to the interviews we conducted and pull some of the gems dropped for ourselves to implement. 

It’s how we cheated in business! We had dope minds dropping gems, all we had to do was put them to use. 

gems with friends #FatherhoodIsLit

The same can now be said with the #FatherhoodIsLit podcast. For this episode, I wanted to take a step back and talk about some of the things some of our guests have stated. 

These gems aren’t cloudy

behind the smoke: gems with friends

Life gets crazy and with so many things pulling on us for our attention, sometimes gems fly right over our heads. To be honest it happens to me after every interview considering how much is going on in my world. 

This episode we focused on 3 lessons from my friends, Shannon McCollum, Devo Springsteen, and Clinton Sparks. 

All 3 of them have impacted Hip Hop in different forms and all 3 of them have one thing in common, they don’t play around when it comes to their kids. 

I asked all three of them questions on how they handle their business as fathers so I can step my game up a bit and they didn’t hold back. Most of the things they said we have heard before but the way they said it might help YOU! It’s dope knowing and seeing people that have accomplished so much in their lives making their presence felt. 

Gems from the fellas

gems with shannon mccollum

From Shannon, father of Lil Yachty, we learned that our kids don’t always know what they want to do with their lives. They will switch from one thing to another but as active dads, it’s imperative that we stand by them and help them along the way. No matter how crazy their dreams are, we will always have their back figuring it out. 

gems with devo springsteen

The homie Devo Springsteen, a cousin of Kanye West and Grammy award-winning producer, came through and talked about standing on your own two feet. Name dropping might get you through the door, but it won’t keep you in the building. That’s a lesson I really push on my kids as we continue to do our things for fathers. 

gems with clinton sparks

Last but not least is the homie Clinton Sparks, aka Mr. Get Familiar, aka Mr. over 75 million records sold worldwide wide came through and told us how he makes sure to keep his kids 1st when he’s so busy making moves. We call our kids our priority, he made sure to tell us how he goes from saying it, to actually living it! 

Much love and salutes to all the dads putting in work. We can never be perfect but we can work on becoming better every single day we wake up breathing. 

Hope these gems either support your way of thinking or give you something different to think about as you continue to make YOUR presence felt.

leading by example x  fatherhood is lit

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