13 Sep

Celebrating #GrandParentsDay With Dove Men+ Care

Without my dad, I wouldn’t be the man that I am today!

Nothing and I mean nothing can compare to a dad’s love and I was honored this #GrandParentsDay to partner with Dove Men+ Care to celebrate him!!!

Unlike many of my friends growing up, I was lucky to have him there in the same household as me.

My dad loves my kids, heck sometimes I think he only begs to see me so he can see them lol.

Yah know how it goes, you create some babies and then your parents shower them with love while you watch waiting patiently for your turn ha ha!

The Big Picture

It was a day to celebrate grand dads and Dove Men+ Care hooked us up big time!

They asked me for a picture of my kids, my dad, and I had the perfect picture.

#FatherhoodIsLit #ThereToCare

It was taken last year for #GrandParentsDay when my youngest was only a few months old.

Talk about capturing the moment! The plan was to have them frame it for us and send him over a cool care package from the company and my family.

We wanted to show him we CARED so we did it differently, we hand delivered all the goodness to him in the South Bronx!

Capturing The Moment

#FatherhoodIsLit x Dove Men+ Care

My dad had no idea what was going on and he didn’t really care because his gift was seeing his grandkids. Once again I was left out of the love circle haha!

So after our basketball training in the Bronx, we made our way to his house!

We told him we had a gift for him and tried to catch the moment!

Now that was hard because everyone that lived near him kept stopping us to tell us how good of a man he was. My dad loves to show me off sometimes so that definitely didn’t help either.

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We got a few cool videos and pictures though after minutes of trying.

Without Him There Would Be No Me Or Grand Kids

#FatherhoodIsLit x Dove Men+ Care

My dad was there since day one and always put my well being ahead of anything else.

Even though he was my super hero, I didn’t appreciate all the lessons he threw at me. Now as I get older I see the lessons play out every day, especially when it comes to staying fresh and clean.

He taught me about the CONFIDENCE that comes with staying fresh and clean and now I see that in my kids. That confidence is everything!

So much, that my oldest son begged grandpa for his bottle of spray deodorant from Dove Men+ Care.

#FatherhoodIsLit x Dove Men+ Care

I told him to stop, that it belonged to grand dad….

But guess what?

Grand dad did what grand dads do; he disregarded my voice and told him it’s yours!

Just like he did when I was younger, he put the people he loved ahead of himself.

Thank you, Dad, for always being you and inspiring me to always be that dad kids brag about just like you!

Love you Buddy, (he always had me call him buddy when I was growing up and all my friends followed along!) and I hope you enjoy all the cool gifts from my friends over at Dove Men+ Cares!


Even though I am a #DoveMenPartner this post came straight from the heart and I was not compensated for it! 

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