18 Sep

Unconventional Ways To Invest In Your Kids Come Up

We owe it to ourselves to invest in our kids!

The world says we owe it to them but in reality, we OWE it to OURSELVES!

We always say we want to be DOPE DADS and give our kids everything we didn’t have. Investing in their future is part of that. If we want to be that dad we know we can be, it’s time to work.

Investments like having a 529 Plan are a must. If you don’t have one, read about it here and get one. You will forget you even have it connected to your accounts and your kids will have some cash for college. Also, don’t forget teaching them about money, financial literacy is pure gold. I talked about it on episode 5 of the podcast, Listen HERE.

Invest in your kids differently

I am all for the older time tested methods for investing in our kids, but I also like to have some fun with it.

My main way to invest in my kids is keeping them off the block, mentally and physically. The block is different for them in comparison to the one I grew up on, however; the motto still stands. Show your kids that the world is bigger than their block or neighborhood.

invest in your kids

You should also buy your kids their domain names. It’s getting harder to get simple domain names so do it as quick as you can. Your kids will live on the internet, consider their domain name their home on the internet.

Invest? Will it work?

These are just a few of the things I have done and continue to do with my kids. Will it lead to huge returns? It already has, my kids know more about all of these things than I did as a youngster. At the minimum, we are getting them prepared to live in a world we didn’t have to grow up in.

I’ll take that return on investment any day of the week. Invest in your kids come up!

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