24 Sep

The #FatherhoodIsLit #LEGOAndChill Project

#LEGOAndChill, celebrating #Dadlife together.

Almost every single month, my kids and I participate in a FREE mini-build sponsored by LEGO. You can find out more about them HERE!

#LEGOAndChill #FatherhoodIsLit

They are usually pretty simple and take us no more than 15 minutes to build. It actually takes us longer to travel to our local LEGO store than it does for us to build our creations.

So why do we even attend?

It gives me, DAD, uninterrupted time with my two oldest sons. I get to watch them attack their mini builds in different ways while learning about their day, week or simply learning something new about them.

It’s our time together, it has become a tradition, and we ALL look forward to that one day a month.

Real simple, but now it’s your turn to join the fun!

#LEGOAndChill #FatherhoodIsLit

We want dads and their kids to build a strong bond together and invite you to join our #LEGOAndChill Crew.

The crew is sending out 2 of our favorite mini builds to a dad who in turn will build them with his kids and then pass them along to another dope dad. We are not asking for payment, but do ask you to pay to ship the items to another DAD.

Think of it as real-life chain letter. You build and create dope memories together, wash the set, and then hook another DAD up!!!!

But James, I suck at LEGO

The goal of this project is very simple, it is to have uninterrupted fun with your kids while building a LEGO mini build.

You don’t have to be a master builder like my 5-year-old, you just have to believe in #PresenceOverPresents time and try.

Let your kids build the figures, help out when you can, but most of all have fun with it. No Rules!

Wait, no rules?

Ok, I lied there are some rules and here they go:

  •  Actually, build the figures with your kids. Don’t pass it along to momma or some other person. Take the 15-20 minutes to bond with your kid
  •  Once completed, talk about it with your kids. Ask them what they liked or didn’t like, talk about sports, math whatever, have a conversation
  • Wash the set for the next dad with soap and water. We don’t need boogers or a piece of that great steak you had yesterday on it.
  •  Pay it forward, repackage the 2 kits and send it off to another dad in your network that agrees to do the same. Don’t have someone in mind? Hit me up, I’ll get you an address.
  •  If and only if you decide to post a picture of this, please tag #LEGOAndChill and #FatherhoodIsLit You don’t have to promote it, all I want is for you to have fun, but if you do, HOOK ME UP!!!!
  •  Want to keep it affordable so try to use the same materials to repackage the items. Ship via standard mail via your local post office. If you feel inclined to do so, it will cost more, but you can end it via ups or Fedex. I’m doing regular mail like a boss lol.
  •  Lose a piece? Don’t keep the set (I’ll embarrass you all over the internet) make a note of it on the instruction set and send it off as is. Get creative!

Sign Up For The #LegoAndChill Movement

To sign up click on this private FORM. I will only share your address with another dad if they do not have someone to send it to and if you clearly say it is ok.


Any questions??? Hit me up via IG or email.


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