08 Nov

#FatherhoodIsLit at #PlayFairNY It Really Is

#PlayFairNY is not your typical toy fair, it’s a kid’s and dad’s dream!

When I 1st heard about #PlayFairNY I immediately thought it was one of these industry events where they make you feel bad for not buying all of their products.

I hate those type of events and #PlayFairNY was nothing like it! It was so DOPE, not just for the kids but for this DAD also, making it a Cool4Dads Certified Event!

Price: Varies By Package But Worth The $$
Dress Code: You Will Sweat, Dress To Play
Time Needed: 4 Hour Sessions
Age Range: All
Fun Factor: All The Way Up!
Registration Needed: Yes, Here Is The Link

#FatherhoodIsLit at #PlayFairNY, here’s what you need to know!

#PlayFairNY The Event, Dad’s POV

This was our 1st time at #PlayFairNY which took place at the world famous Jacob Javits Center.

You really felt the positive and dope energy the minute you start walking towards registration.

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#PlayFairNY is a massive toy fair where companies display the hottest toys of the year and let the public actually play with the toys for 2 days. Some of the toys and products are set to be released later on in the year, so kids and adults get to play with them before anyone else. #Winning

The kids got super excited once they saw some of the exhibits and naturally I started pointing at everything like a little kid myself.

They divide the time slots into 4-hour play sessions throughout the weekend. Here kids can take pictures with their favorite characters, have a nerf war, catch a few shows and so much more.

#FatherhoodIsLit @ #PlayFairNY

There’s so much to do though, that 4 hours isn’t enough and I advise people to take advantage of the VIP tickets. They give you an extra hour of play before the general public and it’s really worth it.

Special Preview Night For Media

We were invited to a special preview night for media Friday night and it was off the hook!!! If you’re lucky enough to get invited, do not pass on it, you will regret it. It’s not open to the general public so there are barely any lines and the companies give away really cool toys during this time.

#FatherhoodIsLit @ #PlayFairNY

You don’t have to push through massive groups of people or stand in line for 15 minutes just to take a picture or try a toy.

#FatherhoodIsLit @ #PlayFairNY

You also get to network with some really dope people as most of them write for the industry or own some of your favorite toy companies. Kids can hear about all the new stuff while you make some really cool new friends. You really don’t know who you will meet!

Fun For All Ages, Including Dads

#PlayFairNY is the perfect place for kids to be kids! There’s something for everyone to do, even dads!

#FatherhoodIsLit @ #PlayFairNY

I had a blast watching my kids jump into the huge lego pit and also watching them make their own slime while Madison Greenspan set a new Slime Guinness World Record. Yup, we watched a 12-year-old boss set the record for the most slime made in a day. She’s the truth!

However; the real fun came in the form of actually playing with my kids. I’m an active dad and I am proud to be one!!!!

The first thing we did together as a family was a Nerf war! They set up a huge inflatable battle arena where groups of people would have a full Nerf battle for 4 minute rounds.

Not only was I shooting my kids with these huge nerf guns, but I was shooting other dads and having a blast.

I really had to be mindful of the time because the hands-on stuff could have entertained us for hours. We would have missed something if I didn’t pay attention, that’s how you know an event like this is great!

Tons Of Educational Things To Do

Having fun is cool, but this dad likes seeing his kids have fun while also learning something! I’m a sucker for having my kids learn without them being forced or knowing that they are being educated. #PlayFair hooked us up!

#FatherhoodIsLit @ #PlayFairNY

My kids spent most of their time At Morph Toys, Magformers and of course Lego! There was also a company called Stick Together, that had us excited because we could use their products to help my 4-year-old with his alphabet. Once again teaching him without forcing it, we need the extra help also!

#FatherhoodIsLit @ #PlayFairNY

There were tons of educational things to do! I always tell dads that their PRESENCE never has to be BORING, #PlayFairNY proved it!

Things To Remember 4 Next Year:

  • Catch a show, we were so busy playing that we missed all of them
  • Spring for the VIP tickets for the extra play hour
  • Use Spot Hero, you will need your car after all the fun and free stuff.
  • Bring snacks and water in a bookbag or small bag. They allow it!
  • Empty out phone, lots of pics will be taken
  • Sign up for all activities beforehand like unboxing toys etc. It gets packed quick and nothing sucks more than telling your kid you messed up.

#FatherhoodIsLit @ #PlayFairNY

#PlayFairNY wasn’t just a perfect day for kids to play, it’s more than that! It’s an opportunity for dads to watch their kids be kids and join in on the fun. It’s a chance to play, learn, take photos with your kid’s favorite characters, but even better, its a chance to create dope memories together.

Just like #RealDads like it! I can’t wait until next year so I can bring even more dads with me! #FatherhoodIsLit at #PlayFairNY, don’t let an event like this pass you by!


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