25 Sep

Podcasting While Fathering

Podcasting is the new wave but how do you do it while being a dad?

I was podcasting before it became a thing with my previous company The Phat Startup.

podcasting while fathering

We would rip the audio from our live interviews and would place them on apple podcast when they were one of the few hosts out. It was easy and we did it for 3 years but now the game has changed.

There are way more hosting platforms and tools that you could use for podcasting. It gets overwhelming, throw in a few kids and it becomes insane!

I should know, I recorded audio and video while at home raising 2 of my 3 kids. There were days when I had to reschedule an interview because one of them missed a nap. If they weren’t napping I would put on tv for them and pray that they wouldn’t be loud.

It worked about 50% of the time and it made for some funny conversations.

Podcasting While Fathering

podcasting while being a dad fatherhood is lit #FatherhoodIsLit

Fast forward to 2019, I was totally lost on how to start the #FatherhoodIsLit podcast. Its been years since I had to do this and before I had a little team to help me. I kept putting it off thinking I could just do it whenever.

I was wrong! I didn’t actually start until my friend Rich Butler of Rage Works Podcast Network reached out an answered my 10000001 questions. So it was a must that I got him on the line again and asked those same questions but with YOU IN MIND!

If you ever wanted to start a podcast and had no idea how, we got your back.

Check out episode 16 of the podcast below and check out the tools you need also below.

Get in contact with Rich
His website: Rage Works Podcast Networks
On Instagram: @rageworks @rageworksrich Tools we mentioned:
Mic: Blue Yeti For audio recording: Audacity, GarageBand
Internet recording: Skype, get the Ecamm plugin, shit works great
Auphonic, like audacity but on steroids and a monthly fee. Does all the work for you in regards to sound levels and normalization
Podcast Hosting and Distribution: Audioboom, Libsyn Both have monthly low fees but you need it.

Remember to subscribe and give us a 5 Star rating for the #FatherhoodIsLit Podcast on all major platforms like APPLESPOTIFY, and STITCHER!

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