03 May

Investing In Your Presence Not The Presents #FatherhoodIsLit

I want to spoil my kids rotten!!!

But it’s not with all the toys and other materialistic things you might be thinking!

I want to spoil them with experiences and my presence! I want to be there, not just say I’m there or post a dope pic on my IG acting like I’m there!

Is it hard investing all that time, especially after a long week of working and handling other responsibilities? Of course it is, but if I don’t do it who will?

Want to make the greatest investment of your life? Work on being present and loving it! It can take a while, but that investment is one that always pays off in the long run!

Presence Over Presents

#FatherhoodIsLit Presence Over Presents

My dad spoiled me rotten! He would buy me all the newest sneakers and all the video games I wanted! But the one thing he gave me the most that I didn’t appreciate until I was older was….. HIS TIME!

His presence made a huge difference in my life. The toys, the presents all that, were just a quick fix!

There are lessons that only dads can teach and that’s why your presence is way more important than the gifts. Imagine mom trying to tell dad’s perspective on sexual intercourse. Better yet scratch that thought, lol seriously that’s crazy! It can be done, but there’s something special about how a dad conveys his message that’s needed.

To get a dad’s perspective, you need a dad dropping those gems! Don’t just be a weekend dad, invest year round.

Avoid The Guilty Buys

#FatherhoodIsLit Presence Over Presents

Have you ever bought your kids stuff because you felt guilty for not being there?

It’s ok we all have done it before, some more than others.

I try to avoid the guilty buys by always being involved with my sons. I coach their basketball teams, help with homework, you know the things we are SUPPOSED to do and so much more that I don’t show the world.

I just don’t do it; I try to have fun with it. If it’s something that I think would be cool for me to do, I make them part of it! I don’t give myself the option of feeling guilty, and that feels real good to write.

A gift loses value over time and then they want something new anyway. If we are going to raise the bar every time then it has to be through our experiences and time together.

The Real World Is Actually Dope

#FatherhoodIsLit Presence Over Presents

The worst thing we can do is let our kids grow in a BUBBLE and be oblivious to the rest of the world. Now kids are hooked to digital devices like their lives depend on it. They know what they see on the net and we all know that sometimes that stuff isn’t right!

Growing up I always knew there was more than just the block I was raised on and it started with my dad taking me off it.

Investing your time off the block doesn’t even have to kill your pockets. There are a ton of free things to do to create really dope memories if you really look. Just look through our blog or follow our instagram!

A simple train ride or even a car ride can hook it up.

If you do want to spend a little cash why not try something you always wanted to do. Always wanted to do a rope climbing course or love the arcades like Chuck E Cheese!

Do that shit! There are no rules saying you can’t have fun with it!

Better yet, start knocking off bucket list items with your kids. That’s how you really do it big! Create dope memories together!

The world isn’t boring; your presence shouldn’t be either. Invest in making it happen! You and your kids will look back and smile at all the cool things you did together. Now that’s winning!

How are you making your presence felt more than the gifts you buy? Hook me up; I’m always looking for dope new things to do!



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