07 Nov

Less broken promises, more dope memories

It’s really easy to break promises when a kid is involved! It happens to the best dads out there and it almost happened to me AGAIN! Hey, I’m not perfect but I’m real!

I promised to take my 5-year-old to Home Depot for their FREE monthly kids’ workshop, which takes place at an insane time of 9 am, but it didn’t happen as planned. Read THIS to learn more about their events.

It never goes as planned or promised

Less broken promises #FatherhoodIsLit

They were building a cool helicopter to help us celebrate Veteran’s Day and my son “needed” it for his collection even though we built the same one last year. We had bought him a pack of 100 plastic toy soldiers and he wanted the chopper for transportation. Go figure!

I did what most dads do, I promised to make him happy and take him to Home Depot even though it was early and I was looking forward to finally sleeping in.

He was excited and so was I, we even came up with a great plan for the day. We would wake up early, eat breakfast, and head over for some alone time together. Then have a quick lunch, his choice!

Now you know that’s not the way it happened right? It never goes as planned. 

Kids never forget promises made to them!

Less broken promises #FatherhoodIsLit

The day before, I was full of excitement, I even set my alarm to wake up by 7 am, I also shut that shit off at 6 am when I woke up to use the bathroom and went right back to sleep. Lol It was over, we were staying home. Or so I thought!

All the cool things we had talked about doing was about to go down the drain, I was about to break my promise to him and get some much needed hours of sleep.

I heard little man wake up and pace around the house waiting for me to get up. He walked into my room a few times, started to clean his mess from the night before and of course, he blasted the TV at extreme levels. Talk about wanting me up, he did it all.

He wasn’t going to forget my promise and the crazy part about it was that something in me wasn’t going to let me forget about it either.

Man up, you’re blessed to be able to live this dad life

Less broken promises #FatherhoodIsLit

As I laid in bed trying my hardest to fall back asleep, I thought about having alone time with my son. I started to think about everything we discussed the night before and how happy he was about going. I also started to think about my own dad and how he never broke his promises to me when it counted the most.

To be honest, I was fucking up! I love to sleep but there was no reason to stay home and kill his happiness.

As the thoughts ran through my head, I couldn’t fall back asleep. I finally said, “fuck it let me get up and take this dude to Home Depot.” The guilt of not taking him as I promised really got to me.

I was being selfish instead of thinking about the bigger picture. It meant the world to him and I was blessed to be able to provide him that experience as a dad.  Not only did we make it there on time, but we had a blast chilling, minus the breakfast.

Less broken promises, more dope memories

Less broken promises #FatherhoodIsLit

It was dope because I got to spend some quality time with my son while he got his chopper. What wasn’t dope was waking up to be there by 9 am, that part sucked but I’m glad I did it.

Since I woke up late, we didn’t get to eat breakfast as planned but my son didn’t even care. He got dressed the quickest I have ever seen him get dressed and was ready in record time.

It woke me up, that’s just the reality of being a parent. Sometimes we make promises to our kids that we don’t always intend on keeping.

But then there are days like this one that reminds us that some promises don’t only have to be kept to make our kids happy, but they also make us feel like the greatest dads on earth when we actually keep them.

Less broken promises, more dope memories, that’s how I’m living and its all because of them. Little man got his helicopter as promised and I got to see him happy. We both win when dope memories are made!

Ever had one of the moments where you wanted to break a promise to your kids but glad you didn’t? Hit me up!


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