04 Jun

Awaken Your Heart- Anti Gun Violence Event At St. George Theatre

Did you know June is Anti-Gun Violence Month? Neither did I until my boy Dave Noodlez of StereoTypeCo let me know.

With all the gun violence happening and so much that needs to be done to end it, we need community events to spread the word.

We need events that don’t only preach the message that gun violence is happening but that also does it in a way that keeps everyone motivated to change.

To me, the best way to do so is getting the youth involved via community events. Nothing beats seeing your kids or kids that you know doing something positive while having fun.

We are super proud to support  Sundog Theatre as they host a Free Anti Gun event called Awaken Your Heart. They are doing their part by using art as a catalyst for change and insight.

#fatherhoodislit sundog theatre

Special shout out to Dave Noodlez who alongside Poet Gold have been training kids on songwriting, poetry and finding their voice. We need people like them helping the youth.

#fatherhoodislit sundog theatre

Those same kids alongside others will be performing at the event and I know they are going to make everyone proud. Stop the gun violence! More details below

Also a special shout out to, Poet Gold of Curtis High School,  Stefan Barone of Projectivity and William Starda Perry of McKee High School for working relentlessly with the youth to encourage change and growth via the arts, you are appreciated.

#fatherhoodislit gun violence

Poet Gold of Curtis High School


#fatherhoodislit projectivity

Stefan Barone of Projectivity

#fatherhoodislit gun violence

Willam Starda Perry of McKee High School

Details Below:

When: June 9th 1pm-4pm
Where: St. George Theatre – 35 Hyatt St in Staten Island
Cost: Free
Details: They will have Live DJs to keep everyone moving, Refreshments, Giveaways, Performances, Speakers and Free Activities for Kids!

Website: Sundog Theatre

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