25 Jan

Make Dope Memories While Learning How To DJ With Your Kids

We all play the part of being a DJ sometimes, especially during car rides, but what if you really had the chance to learn the basics of Deejaying?

I got the opportunity to learn how to DJ with some really good teachers but the best part was being able to bring my son along with me.

We attended Projectivity’s Open Turn Table event, hosted by Dave Noodlez of StereoType Co and it was so dope!

Here’s why you should attend one asap!

Great Bonding Time

#FatherhoodIsLit DJ Workshop

Being able to take my 11-year-old to a DJ workshop where we both could learn the basics and hang out together was a no-brainer.

Doing this together would give us all the #PresenceOverPresents time that we needed together but I had no idea it would have me reminiscing the way it did.

Kids these days only know MP3’s, so you know it was kind of weird explaining to my son how this was the only way possible to listen to music back then.

He called me old and I loved it. I was able to share all of my stories growing up in the South Bronx and how Hip Hop influenced me. I felt like my dad telling all of these war stories and it felt pretty damn good.

Learning Experience For Everyone

World famous DJ Shame came through and taught everyone how to do what’s called a baby scratch. It is the most common and one that everyone has to master 1st before doing more complicated scratches!

Like all kids, when it was my son’s turn to try it, he didn’t want to do it. He just saw a few adults try and they couldn’t get it the 1st couple of tries.

As expected he didn’t perfect it in one night and when he messed up, Dj Shame came through to help. Let’s just say after that little help, homie would not give up the turntables.

The best thing we can do is give our kids permission to fail and I reminded him of that. No one was judging him or my lack of skills either! Plus his momma tried and ohhhh she sucked badly lol.

There’s Always Someone There To help


One thing I have learned from community events like this is that people really love to see kids level up, even when they are not their own.

I catch myself doing this all the time at our Home Depot events and love it!

My son and I had no idea what we were doing most of the night but someone always came by to lend a helping hand.

We didn’t even have to ask! They would come over and mention how cool it was to see us doing this while guiding us. They wanted us to win!

That type of vibe is the best and it encourages everyone involved to do more. It seems like the DJ community welcomes everyone especially kids! They even had me feeling like I was Grand Wizzard Theodore at times.

#FatherhoodIsLit DJ Workshop


#FatherhoodIsLit DJ Workshop

I’m going to beg Projectivity to make this a monthly event for kids and their dads! That’s how much fun I had with my son doing this!

Not only did we learn together, but the community of DJs and producers made us feel like family. They weren’t pushy and helped guide us through the basics.

I encourage all dads with kids to go out there and find a DJ workshop to do with their kids. Share your love of music and the history of it with them!

You never know you might be raising the next DJ Khaled or the next DJ Vashtie. How cool would that be????

Ever Took Your Kids To A Workshop Like This? Hit Me Up And Let Me Know All About It So I can Hook Up The Community!


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