15 Aug

Hey dad, they didn’t say thank you, what now?

Last week my son held the door open for a family and they didn’t say thank you.

This wasn’t the first time this happened and probably won’t be the last. It happens at our building, basketball gyms, everywhere!

He was lost and expected a thank you lol. Instead, he heard me yell out your welcome and it was lesson time.

People don’t owe you sh*t

#fatherhoodislit thank you

Just like my son, I expect people to say thank you because I say it so often. It’s rude as hell not to say it and that’s something I try to teach my kids as much as possible.

However; it’s not a law. People don’t have to say thank you, even if its the right thing to do. They don’t owe us sh*t.

Remind your kids that no matter how people act, they should continue to do what they do best… be great people. Recognition doesn’t matter, knowing you’re doing good does.

It starts with the parents

My Hero and Me #FatherhoodIsLit

There are times when I don’t set the best example, but I’m cool with it. I do what all dads want to do and probably do, I yell out YOU’RE WELCOME!

Damn, that feels good sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I stop holding doors for people.

Kids love to mimic what we do and they will copy those occasional outbursts. Make sure the amount of good you do outweighs those stress relievers. Oh yeah, no fighting either, a simple loud, you’re welcome is enough.

Remind them as much as possible to say thank you. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked my kids, “what do you say?” Or, “did you say thank you?”

F their thank you, I got you.

#FatherhoodIsLit thank

Not all good deeds are acknowledged or rewarded, that’s the real world. Kids need to experience the real world and they don’t need a thank you from a stranger to prosper.

Thank your kids every time you see them doing something dope instead. Remind them how much it matters to you that they are like that.

They did right by your eyes and that matters. Thank them every chance you get, that’s the only recognition that they need. Oh and kids love when dad approves of their actions, do it.

Life goes on, with a thank you or without

#fatherhoodislit thank you


My son probably forgot about that situation as quickly as it happened, especially since we were heading to a special LEGO event. Life goes on.

All I can do for him is remind him that people don’t owe him anything, continue to set the right example and thank him for being a good human being.

If we all continue to do that, maybe fewer kids will feel dissed by sucky adults. I can’t promise not screaming out YOU’RE WELCOME next time it happens though. I’m a DOPE dad, not a PERFECT one.

Thank you for reading and supporting the movement! I really mean it, in my best Camron voice.


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