13 May

Real World Lessons: 6ix9ine & Attention

What can 6ix9ine teach our kids about attention?

This week 6ix9ine made his return to the real world and had the internet going crazy! Ever since his case, society has been waiting to see how he would return and he sure did make a spectacle out of it. Luckily for me he did it while we played #Fortnite so I didn’t miss the opportunity to educate my son.

6ix9ine lessons #FatherhoodIsLit

He bounced from platform to platform to announce a “special” IG live in typical 6ix9ine fashion. It felt like a gimmick to get more attention and if it was, it worked. He had 2 million viewers in a matter of minutes listening to his nonsense.

I hate the kid and all that he stands for but I’m no fool. He has the youth’s attention, all for the wrong reasons and its mind-boggling. My son for one was very impressed by his 2 million viewers.

Lessons from 6ix9ine

6ix9ine #FatherhoodIsLit

Sometimes we as dads need real-world activities to fuel our lessons, 6ix9ine provided that during his IG live session. Instead of simply telling my son that he was a snitch and worthless, we stuck to the attention side of things.

Can you imagine seeking so much attention and then having to hide from the world the rest of your life? What fun is that? We talked about that big time and so much more.

Even though I couldn’t stand watching him for more than 5 minutes, lessons just poured on in. I started to think about my youth and how we stuck to a certain code on the street.

That code was broken by 6ix9ine and by his account, he needed to do it that way.

Was he right or wrong? Who cares, what I do care about is what my kids learn. From him, they could learn the wrong things.

My son saw a millionaire artist, I saw an act and that was enough to get the lessons going.

Staying strong #FatherhoodIsLit podcast

There were many but for this episode of the #FatherhoodIsLit podcast we focused on having REAL conversations with your kids, why not all press is good press, and why we should teach our kids even when they might not be listening.

We matter fellas, use real-world situations to educate your kids about life. We are too blessed not to!’


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