20 May

Can journaling help your fathering?

Can journaling make you a better father?

There is no denying that writing your goals and even documenting your progress can go a long way in business. This is something we do often as we plan out our businesses, future, and even resolutions!

As a dad, I only have one resolution, and that’s to become better every day! You can read about it HERE! 

Ned Schaut #FatherhoodIsLit

Can writing your goals or using a journal help you become a better father?

Ned Schaut thinks so. I wanted to learn more and luckily for us, he joined us for an episode of the #FatherhoodIsLit podcast to drop some gems. 

The Journaling Dad 

Photo Credit: Ned Schaut

Ned realized how journaling helped him become a rebel and start his own business, so he got the bright idea of doing it to become a better father. 

The crazy thing or maybe not so crazy thing is that it’s working for him and many other fathers out there! So much that he even started selling his own journal for dads called the Fatherhood Legacy Journal.

With it, he’s able to clearly define what he wants to achieve and then document how he got there. People on kickstarter even got down and fully funded his campaign.

Find out how journaling is helping Ned Shault step his dad game up below! 

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Site:Rebelandcreate.com & Fatherhood Legacy Journal

Podcast:Rebel and Create: Fatherhood Field Notes

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