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Exploring Imagination With The Adventures Of Spike & Jeremiah

Imagination, sometimes your kids just needs a good book to trigger it!

I try to encourage my kids to use their imagination at home and especially when we read. A good book will open up your mind so much if you let it!

My kids love adventure books and this month we got a copy of “The Adventures of Spike & Jeremiah” written by Magdalena Thomas, to dig into.

This book focused on imagination and here are a few things we picked up together.

Imagination Can Reinforce Lessons

#FatherhoodIsLit The Adventures Of Spike & Jeremiah

Remember all the crazy things you would do growing up because of your imagination.

Chances are you got creative with the things you learned and added your own twist. All while reinforcing what you learned without even thinking about it.

Jeremiah did the same thing while bringing his pet Spike with him.

Jeremiah would paint what he learned in school for Spike and then would use his imagination to explore the lessons he had learned.

All of this helped him reinforce what he learned about Egypt without us parents having to force these lessons. Anything that helps our kids and us is a blessing.

Self Entertainment Can’t Happen Without Imagination

#FatherhoodIsLit The Adventures Of Spike & Jeremiah

I wasn’t the only child but the age gap between my siblings and I is over 10 years. Due to the age difference you could guess that there were many days where I was left to play all by MYSELF.

I learned to be cool with it and without my imagination I would have probably driven my parents crazy! Not to mention myself.

I know my parents loved that I could self entertain and I’m glad my kids could do it themselves now lol.

Jeremiah’s ability to keep himself busy in a productive way would make any parent happy. I made sure to repeat that part of the book so my kids could pick it up!

Imagination Equals Creativity

#FatherhoodIsLit The Adventures Of Spike & Jeremiah

You can’t be creative if you don’t have an imagination!

My ability to think differently is due to my imagination and it has been my biggest asset to date. It would have never happened if my parents killed it!

I like knowing and push for my kids to use their imagination to figure things out as much as possible.

Sometimes my kids get a little too creative but I’ll laugh in my head because I’m happy they are using their imagination.

Destined for Greatness

#FatherhoodIsLit The Adventures Of Spike & Jeremiah

The 1st page of the story immediately had us talking!

We noticed a poster in Jeremiah’s room that stated “I am destined for GREATNESS!”

Think of all the people or even companies that you deem great.

Can you imagine how many people told them they couldn’t make it?

It took a whole lot of imagination to get where they are.

If they couldn’t imagine themselves being great or forming that great company, they would have never succeeded. Teaching that to your kids is HUGE!

Encourage your kids to use their imagination as much as possible because without it they might just bore themselves out of a great life!

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book especially for kids under the age of 10. We all know how hard it is to keep our kids focused and learning! The message based around imagination was on full display and it kept both of my kids engaged, as well as myself.

Get your copy here!

Have a suggestion on a dope book that gets kids mind working? Hit me up!



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