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You Don’t Need To Be Fit To Enjoy A Fitness Expo

My type of fitness is playing sports or a day at the park with my kids. That’s the only exercise I enjoy because like many dads I don’t worry much about my health.

I know, I know, I’m setting a bad example but it’s the truth. I’m not a perfect dad!

When I found out about a FREE Health & Wellness Expo at MetLife Stadium presented by Quest Diagnostics, I wasn’t completely sold.

Price: Free
Dress Code: Dress To Play
Time Needed: Up To You But Do Both Days
Age Range: All Ages
Fun Factor: All The Way Up
Registration Needed: No, But Print A Waiver!

I didn’t know what an event like this would be like but I’m glad I went. It was so dope! We took full advantage of it and it is definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event

Here are a few things that I will be mindful of for next year’s event!

Get There Early & Sign A Waiver

#FatherhoodIsLit Health & Fitness Expo

I got to the event on its 2nd day with only 2 hours left and it was packed! So guess who didn’t get to do everything there!

Yup this guy, luckily my kids weren’t that upset!

I hate long lines and the 1st thing we ran into was a long line that we could have avoided if we actually did our research!

Since it’s a day full of activities, like zip lining, bounce houses and other real fitness activities, all attendees need to sign a waiver.

We stood in line for about 30 minutes waiting to fill out a waiver while other parents skipped the long line and were granted immediate entry.

Sucks but it was our fault! Once we got in, it was on!!!!! There was so much to do that you honestly need both days, and need to arrive as early as possible to have the most fun! No sleeping in!

Dress The Part

It was cold, raining and I was tired so I dressed like it was a normal day but it wasn’t!

Unless you plan on just watching all day, which is damn near impossible, come with comfortable sneakers and clothes. Maybe even have a change of clothes in the car.

Next time I’m coming in sweats, old Jordans and a football jersey!

This is the perfect event for you to run around and really sweat while enjoying your time with the kids! Don’t mess yourself up dressing cool, no one is watching you! Oh yeah don’t let your kids wear white, they will get dirty! We all know how hard it is to get stains out lol.

Plan Your Day 4 Dope Memories

Most of the lines move quickly, this isn’t Great Adventures, but there are some activities that are way more popular than the rest!

When we walked in we ran, and I mean ran to the zip lining portion. It’s 2 people at a time so I figured my oldest son and I could do it together and get some really cool videos done.

But it didn’t happen!

The line was so long that they gave people assigned time slots to do it. All time slots were taken, which sucked, but I loved that idea!

Best bet is to plan your day out! If you want to get your bucket list items done by meeting NY Giants players for an autograph or selfie, plan for that and nothing more.

Pick a day to do the fan stuff and if possible use the next day for the random activities like kicking a field goal.

We were able to kick field goals, do a bounce house, run a 40 meter dash, and visit the Giants’ locker room in 2 hours! That was enough for some pretty cool memories but I would have loved to see my kid’s faces meeting Geno Smith of the Giants. Plan your day!!!!

Get Your Health And Fitness On

#FatherhoodIsLit Health & Fitness Expo

When’s the last time you went to the doctor for yourself?

I get a physical every year and loved that the Expo was full of opportunities to check on your health.

It’s sponsored by Quest Diagnostics so you could get your pressure checked; draw blood and so much more. They even had fitness classes going on which was dope!

Want to try zumba or some other fitness routine, chances are they had it. They had a fitness class set up every hour on the main stage which made it easy to join. Watching kids do zumba is hilarious!

I can’t teach my kids things about eating healthy as comfortably as I can do other things, so having a health professional there was great. They all do a great job of encouraging and promoting fitness so people like me won’t get turned off!

Everything Is Free

And I mean everything is FREE!

Free Entry
Free Parking
Free Healthy Snacks
Free Autographs With NFL Players
Free Exercise Classes
Free Merchandise
Free Attractions

All that was missing was free babysitting so the parents could take a break from working up a sweat!

This isn’t one of those horrible free events though; I would have easily paid for everything they had for us. Most free events are either too short or suck, this was neither.

I can’t say that all Health & Fitness events are this good but I can honestly say that I can’t wait until they come back to the tri-state area for the 6th annual expo. My calendar will be fully cleared and I will be there for 2 days making dope memories with the family!

Will you?

Have you ever attended a Health & Fitness Expo elsewhere? I would love to know so I can hook up all the other cool dads I know!

Any questions or suggestions hit me up!



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