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Getting Your Kids 1st Lemonade Stand Running With Corey Mccoy

Ever since I was a young boy my dad would always teach me about money some how without boring me and I try to do the same with my kids!

I was the kid that sold candy in school, not because I wanted to make a profit but because I was tired of sharing all my candies lol!

One thing I wish we would have done and I look forward to doing with my own kids is setting up a Lemonade Stand!

I reached out to community member Corey Mccoy who has a 7 year old daughter for advise on starting out because sometimes all we dads ever need is to see someone else doing it! Sometimes that’s enough to get us started and he was gracious enough to hook us up! Thanks G

Peep game below and get started! Learn while doing!

Your Daughter is 7, what made you decide to setup shop with her?

My daughter has been asking about doing a lemonade stand since last year. Of course, I’m one to keep my promise so I had to make it happen. It was new but I knew we would both learn while doing it and have fun together. Can’t beat that!

Most kids would rather play; did she tell you why she always wanted to open one?

#FatherhoodIsLit Lemonade Stand Living

She was curious and she came up with the idea. I just wanted to be able to support her and since it was a learning experience for both, why not do it?

Starting a business is hard even it’s for a day, how did you and your daughter plan out the activities?

The plan was to get a location, advertise, set up a stand, make sure the product stood out and give good customer service.

I prepped her up until the day and everything worked out. It took about 10 minutes to set up her stand. I told her $1 would be the cost (including tax.)

For the 2 hours there, She made a surprising profit, even though they were mainly tips! People love to see kids put in work!

We had several customers thanks to advertising on social media!

Whoa hold up, how did you advertise it using social media?

I have a strong following on Facebook so that’s where I mainly advertised. I had her video recording herself telling everybody what was going on. That gave it a personal touch and showed people we were serious about doing this!

How did you pick your location?

#FatherhoodIsLit Lemonade Stand Living

I have a cousin that owns a small store in Pa! They sell cup cakes and it was my best option since we knew it might rain on the day we chose! Also we looked for a location with foot traffic to make it a little easier!

You mentioned that you spoke about customer service, what was that like?

I told her to greet everyone with a smile and don’t be afraid of a little small talk if they ask questions. In order to sell anything, customer service is the key and having small talk can go a long way. Especially if they feel they knew you forever just from a small conversation!

How much did you spend on getting the shop running?

The price didn’t really matter as I was trying to build her confidence up with the exposure it would bring!

We spent about $50 with all the supplies but it made her day, which was priceless to me. It also gave her an awesome experience that many might never ever get to do!

That’s so dope!! How did you feel watching her make her first sale?

Great!!! To see her reaction from doing something she was having fun doing was priceless.

It was so great that we plan on doing it once a month now and maybe even add sweet tea to the list! Might even add different locations to really ramp up the learning and exposure!

Any Tips for dads!

Have fun with it because it’s there time and you will remember the experience forever.

Things happen so be consistent with the setup no matter what the day might bring!

When you are supporting their dreams and hobbies having patience is your secret weapon!

Have patience, and lots of it because kids will be kids!

Have you setup a lemonade stand or another business with your kids? Would love to hear about it and would LOVE to share it with the community!


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