01 Apr

Dad Hacks While Everyone Is Home

Everybody is home now and it’s not easy! I used a few hacks to survive. 

When trouble hits, #RealFathers step up to the plate and are grateful being there but with this pandemic, well things are getting a little too crazy! 

From zooming with the kids’ teachers to eating all the snacks the same day we buy them, not to mention figuring out how to pay for everything, this dad’s life isn’t easy right about now. 

#fatherhoodislit home hacks

Everybody is home now and for many of us, this new normal is driving us crazy lol. 

Me included and due to that, I wanted to share a few dad hacks that have helped me with the first few weeks of having a full household 24/7. 

At Home Dad Life Hacks

There are so many hacks that you can apply to make your life easier but I have 4 that really stood out during the 1st week of homeschooling. 

#fatherhoodislit abc home hacks

I am going to have to drop a part 2 to this as we get accustomed to life at home, but I hope these 4 help you, even if only one applies. 

These are the hacks, go listen to the podcast below for more details:

Hack 1: Get everybody dressed for the day, no pj’s 

Hack 2: Some rules don’t apply now, that’s ok

Hack 3: Realize your time is not your time anymore, it’s theirs 

Hack 4: Take time for yourself

#fatherhoodislit home hacks

A sick dad, mentally or physically, can’ help as much as they would like to. During times like this if you can’t do all of the hacks, at least focus on #4. 

It makes a huge difference, let’s get it! 

Listen to episode 37 below on how I apply these hacks to make my life easier.

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