25 Mar

The Life Of Dad with Art Eddy

The Life Of Dad is on full display all over the internet and I sat down with one of the OG’s in this dad game, Art Eddy.

If you look for content around dads, chances are “The Life Of Dad” website pops up. Not only are they the premier site for dad content but it’s also a huge network of dads helping dads. It was actually the 1st site to feature my writing and I even got to lock in a few deals through them.

Life Of Dad with Art Eddy #FatherhoodIsLit 1

The OG Art Eddy

If you know me, you know I love learning how things are built, especially businesses. So I sat down with my homie who is also the co-founder of The Life Of Dad, Art Eddy to get the lowdown on everything.

Art has been there since the start and has interviewed 1000s of dads from all walks of life for the site. He’s seen it all and along with another co-founder of The Life Of Dad, they wrote a book called, “The Life Of Dad, Reflections on Fatherhood from Today’s leaders, Icons, and Legendary Dads.”

You know I had to get a signed copy 😂💯

Life Of Dad with Art Eddy #FatherhoodIsLit 2

This guy is a content machine and is always looking for new ways to display dad life. He recently started his own podcast called “The Art Of Fatherhood” to really flex his muscles, his way!

I wanted to find out why he does so much for the dads and he gave me more than that. He tells us how he started, what keeps him pushing and we had a real dope conversation over both of our love of sneakers.

Life Of Dad with Art Eddy #FatherhoodIsLit sneakers

Yup, Art is a sneakerhead and a legit one. I take pride in having a dope sneaker collection, this dude got me beat! He scores exclusives through his business dealings and sometimes even finds a rare gem while on vacation with his kids. Proving that you don’t have to give up your love of something just because your kids are around.

It’s dope having friends like Art Eddy in your circle, it’s even doper being able to share his come up and story.

Listen to episode 36 below to get familiar with Art Eddy

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To get in contact with Art Eddy:

Websites:LifeOfDad.com & ArtOfFatherhood.net



Buy His Book:The Life OF Dad, Reflections on Fatherhood from Today’s leaders, Icons, and Legendary Dads. 

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