15 Apr

Staying Strong with Kenny Clutch

Staying strong during the hardest times isn’t easy.

Even as a dad tough times don’t get easier. We as fathers are seen as superheroes by our kids and even society, at times making it even harder for us.

So what’s a dope dad to do during the rough times?

We can’t run. We can’t hide. We can’t let fear overcome us while we have a family to take care of.

During this COVID pandemic, strong fathers are needed more than ever. Is that you? I bet it is!

staying strong with fatherhoodislit

We sat down with Kenny “The Dancing Dad” Thomas to find out how we can mentally stay strong for the people we serve the most, our kids!

Tough times make us strong

If you haven’t heard of Kenny Thomas you might have seen him online or even TV. He’s gone viral, was interviewed by Steve Harvey, Ellen and more.

staying strong with kenny thomas, fatherhood is lit

His story is one that always lifts me up as a dad because I had a close scare with my oldest when he was a baby. My son had bouts with Febrile Seizures while he was an infant and those moments tested me big time.

The 1st time it happened I thought I was losing my son and somehow I gained this strength that allowed me to do anything and everything I could for him. A strength I didn’t know I could muster, showed up and held me down.

Kenny’s situation as different as it was was the same. I won’t dig in deep because it makes me emotional, but Kenny’s son had to battle cancer early in his life. Kenny stayed strong for him like any real father would do. You can find more info on his site HERE.

Just like I had to stay strong, Kenny had to stay strong for his family during a rough patch of time. He couldn’t run and hide, he had to be there. He had to be that FATHER we all expect.

He had to stay STRONG during one of those times that makes us the weakest and now makes it his mission to help other FATHERS stay strong.

Staying strong starts with faith

During this pandemic, dads are getting tested in ways we could never think of. We have to deal with family or friends getting sick and sometimes even death. We have to deal with educating our kids while also worrying about the bills we need to pay.

It even seems like the world is totally against us right about now and the worries just keep on growing.

Luckily for us, we got a dope dad we can learn from and keep us inspired.

Salutes to Kenny for coming through and keeping it real with us.

Listen to Episode 39 below to find out how Kenny says strong during rough times and how you can do the SAME!

Staying strong #FatherhoodIsLit podcast

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