30 Aug

#FatherhoodIsLit Partners With Home Depot For A Special Workshop

I’m a huge fan of spending quality time with my kids and have been able to do over 20 free workshops at Home Depot with them!

But this month is even more special because #FatherhoodIsLit has been able to partner with Home Depot in Staten Island NY to host a special Father/Child Build!

Yup you read that right, we PARTNERED with Home Depot to make their event even better by doing something special for the dads that come through!

Every month Home Depot hosts a free workshop for kids which I wrote about HERE and we always have a great time doing them even though I am far from being a HANDY MAN!

#FatherhoodIsLit x Home Depot


It’s going to be so dope! Here are the details:

Where: Home Depot Staten Island, 545 Targee Street, SI, NY 10301, back of the store

What Is Happening:

We will have a separate table for dads and their children setup so we can do extra builds. This month’s build is a pencil case for school, but we will ALSO be building a wheel barrel and more. We got hooked up!

#FatherhoodIsLit x Home Depot

We will also have someone taking photos for all the dope dads so the moments will never be forgotten! Got to get the gram popping you know!

We also have free give aways courtesy of Stereotype Co and much more!

How Should I Dress? It gets messy sometimes so don’t wear anything fancy unless you are looking to decorate your clothes.

How Long Will It Be? We will have our table from 9am-10 am and building time varies! Take your time, bond and have fun!

Do I Have To Spend Any $$? Nope, everything is free! But if you want to support our movement, T-Shirts are on sale HERE and HERE!

#FatherhoodIsLit How To Be A Dope Dad

Why Are You Doing This? I love spending time with my kids and love seeing other dads and kids laugh together. Plus this is a pretty dope event that way more dads should know about and should take advantage of! Heck, it’s free, dope and helps build motor skills!

It’s gonna be lit, movie, dope, all that good stuff because you know how we roll!

#DadLife Is The Best Life!

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