14 Mar

Pip’s Island, A Real Interactive Adventure Dads Can Enjoy

Most times when you hear the word Interactive and Adventure together, you don’t really believe it.

With the age of Instagram worthy pop up shops and installations, it’s really easy for a company to claim to host something super interactive.
When in reality, it’s nowhere near being so.

Usually, its a few rooms set up perfectly for a still IG shot or even cool video. The interactive portion is standing in the room and taking a picture.

We all have been caught with that trick, so when I was invited to Pip’s Island with my kids, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Fellas, I am so glad we made it on a cold rainy Sunday morning to check this out. It’s super interactive, your kids become part of the story and it’s fun for everyone there.

Pip’s Island, An Immersive and Interactive Experience

#FatherhoodIsLit at Pip's Island 2

Pip’s Island claims to be an interactive storytelling show like no other and they lived up to the hype big time.

The minute you step out of the elevator, you know something special is about to happen.

The 1st room is one of the few rooms you can take pictures in and you know we were taking full advantage of it. If the room doesn’t scream out adventure time, then the legendary watches and explorer vests the kids have to wear will.

They were going to be part of this interactive story and our kids were most definitely dressed the part.

As Interactive as it get!

#FatherhoodIsLit at Pip's Island 3 Interactive

Our guide for the adventure really set the mood early on. She told the kids why they were going on an adventure and had them doing various activities to break the ice.

She didn’t just make the kids comfortable, she made them feel part of the show and even remembered us, the parents. The kids were Jr. Adventurers while we were called Assistant Adventures. I know our kids loved that part since they thought they were in charge lol.

The adventure began with us going into our first room where we would meet the grand storyteller and this is when you really see how interactive the story was going to be.

Every single room had something for the kids to do. Whether it was holding tools for the storyteller, or following magical moles to the next island, the kids were busy. There were smiles everywhere.

Kids don’t just hear a story, they are part of it

#FatherhoodIsLit at Pip's Island 4 Interactive

Reading and comprehension of stories is something we are focusing on big time with my 6-year-old.

Like most kids his age, he rather play on youtube than to sit there and read. Since we know this we try to find him cool ways to get his reading on. He didn’t read at Pip’s Island but it was a perfect way to test his hearing and understanding of a story.

What made it even easier for him was that he was actually part of the story along with all the other kids.

In order for him to really get the most of it he had to listen and listen well! By having the kids participate in the story, Pip’s Island reinforced the story. Kids felt like they were part of it making it even more special.

Why I liked it

#FatherhoodIsLit at Pip's Island 2 Interactive

When I look for events to do with my kids, I ask myself, will this be #Cool4Dads?

With this one I wasn’t sure due to the lack of pictures and videos about the actual show. I couldn’t really picture what we were doing but took a chance anyway and it paid off. I think that’s what really made it exciting, not really knowing what we were up against.

It wasn’t just cool for my kids but it was cool for me.

I saw my kids smiling, playing but best of all learning without knowing that they were being taught a lesson. Every room kept them busy with another chapter of the story but also made it easy to understand by giving them something to do.

I don’t want to give it away, but there was even a part when the kids had to confront a bad guy and had to use moves they learned from another room on him. Talk about interactive, every kid in the room felt like a superhero.

As Interactive as it gets

#FatherhoodIsLit at Pip's Island 3 Interactive

Pip’s Island truly lives up to the HYPE. It was an incredible morning of watching our kids play and learn. The actors did a dope job of telling the story but also improvising when needed and involving the kids.

We know kids will never ever let things happen the way they are supposed to. Seeing that the actors knew this and also adjusted to it made it worth the $50 per person price tag. It’s a little pricey but I guarantee you that you will not find anything else like this in NYC. We have been looking forever!

If you have kids between 4 and 10 then this is a perfect place for them.

I definitely suggest you invest in taking your kids to Pip’s Island , but do it before the prices go up! It truly is interactive and the storytelling was awesome. They had me even doing the moves the kids were doing and I sure am glad they don’t allow pictures in the rooms.

Don’t need anyone seeing my moves or distracting our kids with photos ? Tickets are on sale now, use promo code “PIP10” for 10% off HERE!


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