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Winning After A Conference Like #Dad2Summit

Going to a fatherhood conference like #dad2summit is dope but it can also set you back!

#FatherhoodIsLit Dad2summit

We all have different reasons why we go to conferences, I wrote about why I attended #dad2summit last year here, and it still holds true.

Its a chance for someone like me to find their tribe, sometimes reenergize and even learn.

But after hosting 4 conferences and over 100 meetups myself, I can tell you that many of us fail after them.

Here’s how you win!

Do You, Do Not Copy Them

There’s nothing like being in a room or even building full of people just like you! That type of energy will motivate you to kill it like you never thought possible. But that same energy can mess you up once you get home.

You hear about people killing it on all the social channels, youtube, podcasting, you name it, they have done it. Not only do they do it, but they also kill it and make you believe you can do the same.

You can do the same but doing it all at once will definitely KILL YOU!

Instead of trying to do everything everyone else is doing, focus on one thing you can add to your arsenal a quarter and crush it. Every quarter, add something or even take something away from your hustle and keep doing that for a year.

Do YOU before you do THEM!

Follow Up With Value, Not Friendship

When you hit up a conference like #dad2summit you meet all of these cool people that everyone wants to know. After hosting so many events I have learned that the real business gets done after the conference not during it! But how you do it matters.

Don’t go out there emailing someone like Shaun T. about meeting up for coffee and saying the worst thing ever “let me pick your brain.”

People like him don’t have time to make friends or give you the real time you need for advice.

Instead email them, tweet them, whatever, but do it with using how you can add value to their life first. Maybe it’s helping them with their social media, maybe you know an influencer they should meet, maybe you just want to help them free up some time.

Always tell them how you can help, show them an example if you can.

But never ever follow up because you want to be friends. Show them you mean business and add value to them.

Support The People You Have Met, Really Support

Not only friends, but they add value to my life, salutes to the squad

This one is something so many people fail at. They finally connect or even meet someone they deem valuable and then forget all about them.

Or they think it’s up to that person to chase them around.

If you really want to get someone’s attention, don’t just email them, support what they do online.

Tag them in pictures, tag them in stories, repost their content, even speaking about them and their content can go a long way.

On twitter, I create lists of people I have met and want to build a connection with. I go directly to those tweets and support. On instagram, I will tag them, repost stories or pics and will try to exchange words with them via dm.

They might not always reply, but one day they will remember who helped them and hopefully, they will do the same.

No One Owes You Anything

Salutes to my brothers Joe Saladino & Josh Bellish Photo By Dad2.0Summit

Winning after a conference isn’t hard.

You have to act human and sometimes think outside of the box. Study what works for people and slowly add it to your hustle. Refine it as you go along to fit your community, not their’s. Focus on the quality of the connections, not the quantity.

Always follow up with those that you deem worthy but do so with value.

Remember attendees, speakers and even organizers of a conference do not owe you a DAMN thing.

So when they don’t respond or don’t support what you are doing, don’t take it personally. Keep doing you, that’s how you win at a conference and in life! That’s how you really get the best return on YOUR time there.

Ever been to a conference and felt like it was a waste of your time? Hit me up, I would love to know why and how we can help other dads avoid the same.


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