11 Sep

Don’t Be That Sports Dad w/ Manny Digital

Are you that Sports Dad?

“You know the type, loud as a motorbike, but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight!” Jay Z

Jay Z : 99 Problems

Yeah, that dad!

The one that is always at a game screaming his ass off and super annoying. The type that screams louder than the announcer when their kids do something wrong and rub it in when they do something right!

Yeah, that dad! The Sports Dad!

It’s cool to support your kids, heck I preach about being there when your kids are the featured presentation all the time. However; there comes a time when you become that dad that everyone hates and you might not even notice it.

I was that dad many times! I have had days when I embarrassed myself and my kids at their games. I have no shame in that, sometimes we DADS get super excited.

What I am shameful of is becoming that dad that never celebrates the smaller wins in sports and forgetting that my kids play the sports for totally different reasons than I did. I am getting better at it and have learned to ease off a little.

Supporting your kids in sports

sports dad
Manny Digital, His Son & Ryan Hollins

We are all works in progress and this week I sat down with my homie Manny Digital to discuss how WE ALL can stay clear of becoming that Sports Dad people love to hate! If you don’t know Manny Digital, you should! He’s the host of both the Fatherhoods Podcast and The Dribble N’ Dimes Podcast. He is also an avid baller and has 3 kids who he is helping develop their skills in sports.

We talked about the good times and the bad times. We even talked about times when we felt like fools because we forgot our kids were having fun. Instead, we behaved like we were playing and maybe even said things we shouldn’t.

I love sports but I love supporting my kids even more! Wins, losses, none of those things even matter if you’re that dad taking all the attention away from the game with your antics. So check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Listen below to learn how you can support your kids without becoming that crazy sports dad!

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