04 Sep

Dads Need & Should Take Paternity Leave ?

Should dads take paternity leave if they have the option to do so?

I once heard it was soft to take paternity leave to be there for your child’s birth and their 1st few weeks.

The people that told me that were men that grew up in an era where they were the main source of income for their family. In their eyes, men are supposed to make money while women raise our kids.

That same mentality is still around today, and some people just don’t have the option of taking paternity leave. Some men out there and even women, can’t miss a week of work, let alone an hour of work. If they did, their household would truly turn into shambles.

America is unforgiving, banks don’t want to hear that you can’t pay your bills because you just had a baby. Unfortunately, there are still jobs out there that have this stupid mentality as well and will punish a dad for taking time off to be there with their kids. That’s going to change sooner than later, especially with brands like DOVE fighting for it!

However, there are dads out there that have the chance to take paternity leave or can afford to miss work for a week and simply don’t take it.

Are you soft for taking a leave to be with family?

Sorry to say this, but YOU’RE SOFT if you don’t take advantage of being there during the early stages of your child’s life.

You miss out on building a super-tight bond during the 1st week when they need you the most. You miss out on all the cool things your child will do for the 1st time ever. You also miss out on helping the mother of your child recover so they can help raise your LEGACY!

I for one didn’t just use my paternity leave when my 1st born came through, I took the whole month off just to be there and I will never regret it. I learned what LOVE was without knowing what it looked like. My 2-day old son taught me that!

Dads Need Paternity Leave

Next time one of your homies or even job tells you that you are SOFT for being there, remind them, the softest thing a dad can do is not be there for HIS child!

You’re the real gangster or MVP, whatever floats your boat. If you have the chance to take paternity leave or a few weeks off do it!

Listen to why below!

Ever took paternity leave or told your job that you weren’t coming because you wanted to be with your child? Hit me up, I want to hear all about it and share it with the world.

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