09 Oct

Investing In Your Kids’ Music Career w/ Mike Loco

We all want to invest in our kids’ career choices but how far are we willing to go?

Are you willing to put your career on hold or permanently kill it to support your kids? What if they told you they wanted to become Hip Hop artists, then what?

I know growing up my dad would have shipped me off to the Army if I didn’t choose a college to attend. If I would have told him I wanted to be a rapper or even a producer, all hell would have broke loose. He thought he knew what was best for me. I bet most of our dads would have felt the same way!


However, on this episode of the #FatherhoodIsLit Podcast, we found a dad putting in major work for his son’s musical career.

Investing vs just listening to their music

@MikeLoco and his son @plnkyellowblack at our beat making event

His name is Mike Loco and we met at a beat making event our crew was hosting with Projectivity. NY1 even covered it, you can check it out HERE. He came with a different son to learn how to use GarageBand for beat making and they killed it.

I knew something was up! He told me about his MLM Entertainment company and that his son @Migs718 was going to be huge.

fatherhood is lit music
@migs718 x @garyvee

Usually, I brush those types of comments off. Everyone thinks they can rap, but this time it was different. I heard a FATHER talking about how he’s investing in his seed to make their Hip Hop dreams come true and I could sense that HE wasn’t playing.

Mike Loco is the real deal! He gave up a 6 figure job to help develop his son’s abilities and it has made him the talk of Staten Island. We covered everything from getting music recorded, to performing at events and even getting your music played by radio stations like Hot 97!

mike loco music
@MikeLoco x @GaryVee at Slime Bash

He kept it so real that we even discussed how paying for exposure works in the industry but to hear that, you’re gonna have to check out the podcast below.

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