15 Feb

A Night With @WaterWipesUSA & The @NYCDadsGroup

I usually don’t go out much but when the NYC Dads Group invited me to an event with Water Wipes, I couldn’t say no!

#FatherhoodIsLit #WaterWipes #ParentIsBorn

Thank goodness I went, I love WaterWipes and you know #RealDads use wipes for way more than wiping down our stinky kids when needed.

I’ll get into that in another post, but for now, check out why I loved this event, even if it was on a school night!

A Night Of Networking, Learning And Fun

We were in attendance to show the world that great dads exist and to also show support for Water Wipes newest campaign called a #ParentIsBorn

They wined and dined us while hosting a great panel on parenthood. Lance Somerfeld of the NYC Dads Group represented for the dads on the panel and killed it alongside Whitney Port and more.

They even had babysitting services for us so we could really enjoy the drinks, food and great chats! That food had me bragging to my wife the minute I got home. She was jealous, I understood lol!

When A Child Is Born, A #ParentIsBorn

#FatherhoodIsLit #WaterWipes #ParentIsBorn

That was the main slogan of the night and it made perfect sense!

Before my kids were born, I would tell everyone that I would be a great parent without really knowing what it entailed.

To be honest, when my wife told me she was pregnant, I was scared as hell!

I didn’t become a real dad until the day my son was born. Watching his mother push him out of her body that day woke me up.

That day I let her choose my son’s name after weeks of arguing over it because his name didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was holding my baby and smiling with my wife while taking this journey together.

I was reborn that day and never looked back! A #ParentWasBorn his name was James Lopez.

Events Like This Need Dad Representation!

#FatherhoodIsLit #WaterWipes #ParentIsBorn

Lance Somerfeld said it best during his panel discussion.

“A low bar has been set for Dads, my friends and I want to change that, make Dads be seen as sharing responsibility and supporting each other.”

I hate to break it to you but society doesn’t value us as much as they value mothers. It’s changing, now dads can be seen doing things “mommy” were expected to do.

We let society dictate how we parent and which parent should do what. They set the bar very low for us and now #RealDads are out there putting in work changing the narrative!

#RealDads are proud, events like these let them showcase how proud they really are to be fathers! It also starts a dialogue that is needed to encourage other dads to step it up and have no fear of what society thinks.

It Wasnt Just Baby Talk, It Was Learning

#FatherhoodIsLit #WaterWipes #ParentIsBorn

WaterWipes did a great job not only sourcing the panelists but also making sure great people were in the room!

Everyone was inviting and shared way more than just baby stories.

Even though some baby stories were interesting, what I really loved was talking to content creators and entrepreneurs about working in the parenting vertical.

I learned from both their baby stories and the world outside of their kids. That’s what great parents do, they learn and grow from various conversations.

WaterWipes killed it!

#FatherhoodIsLit #WaterWipes #ParentIsBorn

They only had one dad on the panel but there was a huge dads presence there representing!

They picked a great location, provided food, drinks, and babysitting!

Even the swag was cool but I needed those 2 hours away from the family as much as I needed to hear all the great stories around when a #ParentWasBorn.

Thank you WaterWipes for letting this dad represent the only hood that matters, #Fatherhood

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