10 Oct

I’m about that life, their life and I will protect them

Just like most #RealDads I will do anything and everything to protect my kids.

The minute my 1st child was born, I knew life was different. Before him I was wild, making great money, and all I cared about was partying with my friends. I did so many stupid things that could have changed my life completely, some could have left me dead. I just didn’t take life seriously.

Now though, I love life especially dad life. My job as a dad is to raise my kids and protect them by any means necessary. I’m about that life, their life! Here’s how I handle protecting my kids and work on being a dope dad! 

Kids don’t know any better, we do!

Anything for my kids #FatherhoodIsLit

Hey don’t do that! My dad used to always make me walk on the side of the street that wasn’t facing traffic. I used to hate it and would complain like crazy.

He would tell me, “Jimmy, if a car jumps the curve, I need to be able to push you out of the way.”

I didn’t get it, I thought I was way quicker than his mid-30-year old self anyway. But he was right! If a car would have jumped the curb, I would have gotten hit. Chances are I would have frozen up in fear and boom, there goes Jimmy.

He was willing to risk his life in order to make sure I still had one. Your kids might fight you when you try to protect them, do it anyway! They might not understand at that very moment, but they will in the future. Kids just don’t know any better, dads do.

Fatherhood turned me soft, but don’t test me!


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It’s crazy how your kids will make you soft as a parent but tougher as a man.

I see my kids bleed and I turn into a mess. if they cry due to being sad, I’m a mess. My kids softened me up but I dare anyone to test my toughness when it comes to protecting them.

Actually, I wouldn’t advise anyone to test out how tough a man is in regards to protecting theirs. When a child is in trouble, a dad gets muscles they never knew they had and sometimes that could lead to more trouble than good.

They will do anything and I mean anything to protect their kids. Fear goes out the window when a dad has to protect their kids. Jail time? Who cares? Lost of friendship? Who cares? What about death? Are you willing to lose your life to make sure your kids live?

Yeah, I’m about that life, even if it costs me my life but I would prefer to be around.

I’ll smile in my mugshot, but prefer to be present

protecting kids #FatherhoodIsLit

Nothing matters when you’re protecting your kids’ lives, but who will protect them if you’re gone? That’s something we fail to remember as we do what we must to protect our kids.

Although I would be willing to risk my life and/or my freedom to protect my kids I would prefer not to. I want to protect my kids and continue to protect them. You can’t do that dead or in jail. You can’t live that #PresenceOverPresents life if you’re gone.

If you get locked up when there were other options, then they are f**ked! Who will watch over them while you are gone? Be smart about how you protect yours. It’s hard but there are times when we have options. Choose an option that keeps you around. Easier said than done, but if you’re willing to do anything to protect your kids…

Then you are willing to stay alive and present. That’s the only way we can truly watch over our kids. All else fails, smile for the camera lol! 


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