17 Oct

Doing a corn maze with your kids #FatherhoodIsLit

I grew up watching children of the corn and couldn’t wait to do a corn maze with my kids!

Nothing gets my mind going like a puzzle or a horror flick and every Halloween we combine the two with a corn maze. Every year we try a new one as a family tradition.

Most of them are cheap (Groupon is your bff) and fun for the whole family but like any other outing with your kids….

There are rules to this!! Here are a few things I like to remember before venturing out to attack a new or even old corn maze around the way! Corn Mazes are definitely Cool4DAds Certified!

Don’t wear clothes you love!

Corn Maze #FatherhoodIsLit

Sweats and kicks we don’t care about!

Open up Instagram or any other picture application during October and you see families all over the world enjoying corn mazes. They come through for their first time fresh to death in their Sunday’s best in hopes of capturing that one dope photo that they can share to the world!

Bad bad bad bad bad bad idea!

Corn mazes are messy as hell, and most times they will be full of mud. I once saw a lady enter with heels on, she came out barefooted along with her boyfriend who had white Jordans on.

Talk about pulling a dumb move! Come dressed for a day of fun with your kids, wear clothing that you don’t mind messing up. If you have to come through dripping in style, take a few pics outside the maze and change before going in.

Trust me, mud sucks big time, especially on $200 pair of sneakers. It even sucks on those corny crocs my wife loves lol.

All corn mazes are created differently, do your googles

Corn Maze #FatherhoodIsLit

Swartz Dairy & Produce Farm, Night Corn Maze

We found this really dope corn maze near Albany NY that is only open at night time and the paths are lit with jack-o-lanterns at a farm called Swartz Dairy & Produce. It was dark and muddy as hell but my kids loved it.

But the best one I have ever attended with my kids was only 20 minutes away from my house. It allowed baby strollers (most don’t,) and it even provided a map we could use. That map didn’t guide us out of the maze, instead, it gave us challenges to complete that kept us all busy and laughing.

Both mazes were different but both were dope!

There are tons of corn mazes out there so finding one that fits your family adventures shouldn’t be that hard. Can’t find one that really fits? Do it anyway, you really never know if it’s dope until you try. Just make sure you at least review their rules, that always helps, especially when you’re rolling with strollers.

Before you underestimate your local corn maze, figure out what you want to accomplish and get your google on. Check out what others have to say about it.

Let your kids lead the way

corn maze #FatherhoodIsLit

Some corn mazes are easy while others will have you begging for help! No matter the skill level, let your kids if they are old enough, guide you through the maze.

They will mess up a ton of times but that’s what makes a corn maze fun. Together, you have to find a way out and this is your time to let your kid shine.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t help, just don’t let the frustrations get to you. Suggest different routes to take or show them why you think one way is better than the other. This is the perfect time to teach them how to use their settings to determine which way to go but to also work on using their common sense.

They will either laugh at their mistakes the whole time there or ask for help. Let them set the pace and lead the direction no matter what you think you may know about the maze.

It’s a wrap, no need for candy corn

corn maze #FatherhoodIsLit

Before doing your next or even first corn maze together, remember that all corn mazes are built differently and that you don’t need to win GQ man of the year for best dressed! Let your kids shine by leading the way and enjoy the memories.

They will make mistakes, especially silly ones and will never ever admit to it! You will probably hear some really creative excuses as to why they took the wrong turn and some are actually pretty good! Let them have that, the memories are worth letting them shine.

Invest in your presence instead of presents!

Make your presence felt and stay away from the candy corn. Bathrooms at most mazes suck lol! Ever did a corn maze before? Hit me up and let us know about it! 


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