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Hosting A Surprise Birthday Party For Your Kids

Almost everyone, especially kids love a good surprise!

My wife and I decided that this year we would host a surprise birthday party for my 5-year-old son.

It wasn’t going to be easy to pull off since we are always together and like all kids, my little guy is a SPY!!!! Nothing gets past him or my 11 year old so we had to be very careful about how we handled it.

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However; it turned out so good that I’m already thinking about next year. Here’s why I think you should definitely host at least one surprise party for your kids especially if you’re thinking about doing so!

Surprise It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Most dads don’t like to organize birthday parties because of the pressure that goes with it. You have to set everything up, invite people, buy gifts etc. Now imagine how daunting a surprise party sounds to a dad.

Surprise Party #FatherhoodIsLit

Shit is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. We make it harder than it really is.

My biggest fears during this process were

  • would my son find out
  •  would anyone show up since we were doing it so early in the day.

Both things I had no control of and you know when we cant control things, the pressure multiplies.

Kids are not that great at keeping secrets and sometimes parents aren’t either so I resorted to lying! Yup straight up deceit when needed.

My 11-year-old found out about his brothers surprise party because my mother in law mentioned it by “accident.” I sat him down and straight up lied about it.

He didn’t believe me but he also wasn’t 1000% sure of what he heard. He couldn’t just go snitch on us since he wasn’t sure. Lie if you need to, no one can judge you for wanting to do something special for your kids.

Invite Who You Want, You’re Dealing With Enough

Surprise Party #FatherhoodIsLit

There’s an unwritten rule about inviting everyone from your child’s class to their birthday party. Teachers say you cant send an invite to only a few people, everyone must be invited.

Thank goodness we didn’t have our kids with those rules in mind huh…

We made them, we raise them, it’s our rules period! But don’t disrespect the teacher or class, they just want to make sure no one is sad by being left out.

So instead find out who your kids really like to play with 1st. Then ask the class mom/dad for help communicating with their parents. Play politics and invite the class mom/dad kid also. They might be around for a few more years.

If you cant do that, then ask the parents directly before or after school. Get creative on how you contact them and remind them that it’s a surprise. They might snitch so have your lies ready lol.

Also, remember you’re paying for this, invite who you want outside of the class. Know your limit when it comes to attendees and stick with it. Your child will play with a few of his friends but probably won’t play with them all. Don’t set out to be cool by inviting everyone, especially those that don’t matter to your child.

No One Can Judge You, Not Even Yourself

Dads always want to show off for their kids, don’t lie you know you will do anything to make them happy!

So focus on making them happy not your own ego!

Surprise Party #FatherhoodIsLit

Spend what you can and invite who you want. Chances are people will be so busy there that they will care less about the corny things like how much you spent.

I see many parents go all out by breaking the bank for a party just to show off to their friends. Keyword their friends, not their kid’s friends but theirs.

Who cares if your friends think you’re the man because you spent tons of cash. Who cares that you invited the whole block, people you barely talk to, just to show them how much you love your kids.

Nobody cares about that shit, focus on making your kid happy, not your ego.

The Repayment Comes In Smiles

Surprise Party #FatherhoodIsLit

Walking into Chuck E Cheese for my sons birthday party was special. Not just for him but for myself.

My son had no idea what was going on since we were the only people there at 10 am. I walked him over to his party table, which he thought was for someone else and showed him his name on a bday board.

He looked at me and said, “How does Chuck E know that it’s my birthday” with a huge smile. Once his friends started walking in you could see the excitement increase. He had a huge smile on him all morning. Even if he knew a party was coming, he didn’t know when or how, this made his day!

It made his day, but it also gave me a priceless moment of happiness. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do but seeing him smile and run around with his friends was everything I could ever ask for!


We all love seeing our kids smile and hosting a surprise party wasn’t as hard as everyone makes it seem.

You don’t have to invite everyone and their momma. You don’t have to add extra pressure on yourself by spending tons of cash or by inviting people that don’t matter to your child. Spend what you can, the real cost should come in the form of your effort. Get ready to lie to keep the surprise going because you know these kids are mini detectives.

But best of all be prepared to soak in the moment. Seeing the excitement on your child’s face should be all the motivation you need. There really is no better feeling than knowing your kids is loving what you just did for them, focus on THEM, not your EGO!

Did you ever throw a surprise party for your kids? How did it go, hit the comments below or sound off on our Instagram!

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