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An Urban Dad’s Guide To Chuck E Cheese’s

Chuck E Cheese’s has become one of my family’s favorite places to visit! I can let my kids run wild why I have my own fun which makes it ideal for a rainy day or any day that we need something last minute to do.

We take full advantage of it and it’s definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event

Price: Varies, Use Discount Codes!
Dress Code: Come As You Please
Time Needed: 2 Hours Is All I Can Handle, But It Varies
Age Range: All
Fun Factor: All The Way Up

For other’s just hearing the name Chuck E. Cheese’s sends chills down their spines.

I used to feel the same exact way! I always thought it was costly, overcrowded and simply not worth my time! I was wrong; it took me a while to appreciate it for its simplicity! I had to learn a few things along the way to survive and I hope this helps you!

Never Go Without A Discount


Places like Chuck E. Cheese’s can burn a hole in your wallet quickly.

This isn’t Disney, this isn’t a one time tax return funded trip. This is a place you can stop by for any reason at any time.

Always and I mean always go with a discount code in hand. Pull up this site , bookmark it and have it ready for the cashier. You can use as many coupons as you want throughout the day. So use one, enjoy yourself, and if needed walk back and use another one. I never spend more than $30 for 2 kids unless we are eating food there.

Pro Tip: Some locations offer better discounts than the rest, so change the location on the site to see if you find a better discount. Read that code to the cashier!

Damn It, This Place Is Always Packed


I hate packed, chaotic places and Chuck E. Cheese’s is one of those places that drives me nuts if it’s packed.

Believe it or not there are times when Chuck E. Cheese’s is pretty empty! For example Saturdays get hectic, but if you go right before they open chances are you will be one of the few people there.

No one likes to wake up earlier than needed especially on the weekend, so that’s your chance to upgrade your own experience. The same can be said if you go while most parents are working.

Depending on your location, it’s all trial and error. Going early in the week or on special holidays can increase your chances of having less people show up. If timed correctly and it’s possible, your kids will practically have the place all to themselves.

I Don’t Want To Chase These Little…


Chuck E Cheese's #FatherhoodIsLit

When kids are involved, insanity closely follows!

However; Chuck E. Cheese’s is pretty good at keeping the place secure. They tag every child and parent with matching numbers as part of their kids check program. This way a child can’t just leave the location.

As a dad I still don’t have full faith in that system but it does help. I don’t like killing my kids experience by hovering over them so this helps! I see way to many dads chasing their kids around while their kids beg for them to chill. Don’t be that DAD!

It really depends on how comfortable you are with your kids. I let my 10 year old roam at will but like to keep an eye out for my 4 year old from a distance. Sometimes I will even grab a table near the entrance to play it safe.

Most times I just say F**K it, and sit back to read on my phone, especially if it’s empty. Got to let them breathe and grow!

Play But Don’t Hog The Machines


Your presence never has to be BORING!

What is the point of spending money and dealing with the chaos if you can’t have as much fun as the kids?

Growing up I loved going to the arcade with my dad; so now as an adult I take full advantage of the opportunity. I will play almost any game my kids want and will bust their behinds in it! No mercy especially if it’s a basketball game!

There is nothing worse than having to walk over to another parent and asking them to get off the machine so a child can play though. We get it, you got a wicked jump shot, but don’t forget that this is for the KIDS.

If you find another dad hogging the machine, politely let them know. Chances are he will understand, if not then let it be and have fun on another machine. Karma will catch up to them and parents shouldn’t be arguing at a place like this anyway.

Other Things To Remember:

Chuck E Cheese's #FatherhoodIsLit

Photo Credit: Chuck E. Cheeses

  • Don’t crash the bday parties, they paid for it you didn’t
  • All locations stink and smell like funk, get used to it!
  • You don’t have to trade in your tickets, hold them until they are worth cashing in!
  • Don’t try to manage the coins, let the kids go wild but remind them once it’s over it’s OVER
  • No one ever goes to Chuck E Cheese’s and says wow this food is GREAAAT!
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees, remind your kids and read this!

If you have more tips or have a cool story behind a day out hit me up!!! I would love to include it or feature it in the future!!

Salutes and remember #FatherhoodIsLit


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