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Overcoming Trauma with Anthony Snow

Trauma comes in all forms and this week we wanted to talk about how it affects fatherhood.

There is no doubt about it, your past can affect your future, but how do you overcome it and be that DOPE DAD you always dreamed of?

Do you forget all about it? Do you pass the blame? Or do you work through it on your own or with the help of others?

Trauma comes in all forms

overcoming trauma with anthony snow

I had a great upbringing, it wasn’t perfect but it was great. I saw what beef in the household looked like as my older brother and my father used to go at it all the time.

My dad isn’t my brother’s father and they both would make sure to let us all know that. They would argue and at times would come to blows.

As a young kid, that shit hurt. I didn’t understand why my dad and my brother couldn’t get along. I didn’t understand why I had to fake it like I didn’t know my older brother when my dad was around.

All of the negatives that I saw growing up, I used as a positive force as a dad. The things I hated to see, well they don’t get replicated on this side.

That trauma of having a slightly broken home hurt, but it didn’t stop me from being the best dad I could be. I had to identify the trauma or the stuff that hurt me the most before I could move on. Now the sky’s the limit!

What I felt with was something that was common in the hood. I didn’t know that back then but as I devote myself to helping dads, I learn more about myself and how previous trauma affects the best of us.

Overcoming Trauma with Anthony Snow

overcoming trauma with anthony snow

This week, I wanted to know how other dads overcame childhood trauma and my boy Anthony Snow stepped up to chat with me. Anthony is ex-military which means he’s all about discipline and toughness. However; he has had his share of trauma before becoming a dad and even while serving as a father.

Anthony did what many fear or run away from, he faced his trauma head-on after realizing that something was affecting him. He discussed how he took a look in the mirror and told himself that his past didn’t have to dampen his future. That’s not always easy to do and Anthony walked us through it.

Anthony kept it super real talking about growing up without a father and the trauma that co-parenting can bring a dad. Once again not the easiest of topics but if Anthony taught us one thing it’s that you shouldn’t run from the things that make you uncomfortable.

Trauma doesn’t own you!

overcoming trauma with anthony snow x  fatherhood is lit

There are dads out there that are dealing with trauma and need to hear all about it from other dads that been through it! That’s why Anthony decided to write a book called “Embrace Fatherhood” and that’s where real dads like us step up to help.

Dads like us are prideful but that same pride should never stop you from moving forward and putting in work as a dad. The softest thing a father can do is use an excuse to not father. Identify your issues on your own, with a friend, with professional help, whatever helps, and focus on your future.

Trauma can stick around forever, what we do with it is up to us. Need help, shoot Anthony Snow a message or hit us up. We got you!

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