22 Feb

KAWS is coming to the BK Museum

Is a KAWS Exhibit Cool for dads? We are about to find out!

And you are welcomed to join us!

My son has caught the reselling bug and one item he has his eyes set on is a highly exclusive KAWS figurine that dad can’t afford! ūüėÜ

kaws what party #FatherhoodIsLit
Image c/o Hypebeast resell value: 10k-25k

So what’s a dad to do?

Since I love exposing my kids to things that schools won’t like ART, I’m taking my son to the Brooklyn Museum to check out its latest KAWS What Party exhibit.

YUP, KAWS is coming back to NYC and you know the motto on this side!


In true #FatherhoodIsLit fashion we are inviting you to join us with a discount of course.

The exhibit runs from February 26 to September 5, 2021, so there’s plenty of time to get your ART on. 

KAWS the #FatherhoodIsLit way

kaws at the greenpoint #FatherhoodIsLit
KAWS at the Green Point

It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have some and for this event, we reached out to the Brooklyn Museum to hook us up with a discount. 

Times are rough and museums like the Brooklyn Museum need OUR help to continue to serve our people. 

You can buy your tickets HERE, use promo code “FORTHEDADS” to take off the silly fees and to ease that pocket burn.

If you want to do it with us, we got TICKETS for MARCH 21st at 2 pm!

Cool4Dads Certified Tip!

Why Sunday? Parking in NYC is free on that day, that’s why! When you’re a father you look for ways to make your experiences more memorable and affordable. Will parking be easier in NYC on a Sunday? Not really, but at least you won’t have to worry about running outside to put coins in the meter.

Or how about those crazy fees parking garages hit us with, SpotHero always saves us. 

Keep following us for simple hacks like this to make it easier for you and so you can learn about our #Cool4Dads Certified Events. 

Lets get it, fellas, if you have any questions hit me up. james@cool4dads.com or on social media @FatherhoodIsLit 

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