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Balancing family & work with Statik Selektah

Statik Selektah makes balancing #dadlife and everything else look easy.

One minute he’s on IG live creating an album with our homie Termanology, then the next minute you see him doing something dope with his daughter Harley.

You might even catch him with his daughter way more than you catch him doing anything else and I wanted to find out how he balances it all

The Balancing Act

Statik Selektah Kaws #FatherhoodIsLit balancing act

Life before covid was insane. Every single one of us were getting pulled in multiple directions and living out here in NYC made you feel like you were always playing catch up.

At least that’s how I felt. When you’re an entrepreneur, life hits you even faster. Talk about living a hectic life, life as an independent boss doesn’t help the balancing act, it actually makes it tougher.

Finding the balance between your family and life, in general, could be a lifelong journey.

However; people like Statik stand out big time during these hectic moments. Dads like Statik, let’s call them famous dads, have everything and anything thrown at them at any given moment.

So how does a Father like Statik do it?

Statik Selektah

Balancing family with Statik Seletah
Image by: @statikselekt

Statik Selektah does it by putting his daughter first every chance he gets. I remember before covid I would head over to Statiks IG page just to watch him pick up his daughter from school on a bike.

This is a man that could pick up his daughter in a fancy car maybe even driven by a driver, but instead, he chooses to have that moment with her by riding bikes together.

The thing with finding a balance is that the balance shifts very often. One of the biggest lessons I learned from Statik is that you can’t waste time in life or business.

He knows his life is busy so instead of sending a chauffeur to pick her up or even drive over, he makes the most of it with a bike ride. He sneaks in valuable time with her every chance he gets.

When work throws the balance off

Balancing family with Statik Selektah and #FatherhoodIsLit
image by: @statikselekt

Work or making money can mess everything up!

We all hear stories about fathers that worked so much they never get to spend time with their kids.

On this side, we value our presence and know that we can always get the money back, The time lost while chasing the money we can never get back.

With Statik, he has been able to mix the money with the family. You can catch him on live hosting a DJ set with Monster and his daughter will be right next to him living it up.

He needs a cover shot for his Album called “The Balancing Act,” he involves his daughter. That same album cover made its way to billboards all over the country, how dope is that!

Statik Selektah Balancing Family #FatherhoodIsLit
Image Credit @Statikselekt

Imagine standing under the billboard and saying, you helped inspire this! That’s dad goals for real and definitely, cool4dads certified.

It’s not always possible but when you can mix work with family, the balancing act just became easier. My own job is to help dads find cool things to do with their kids, guess who’s always with me, my kids.

Gems By Statik

the balancing act with Statik Selektah

I love talking to fathers like Statik Selektah because we sometimes forget how human they are.

Just like us, they want to be there for their kids. They want to add value to their lives and watch them grow.

The main thing I learned from Statik is that you can want it all. You can hustle like a mad man trying to get everything that is due to you but you can never live it up without your kids on your side.

Statik doesn’t just use his daughter Harley for inspiration, he involves her in his projects. From recording her Heart Beat for a track on his album to carrying her in his latest project’s album cover.

He includes her and that’s what making your presence is all about.

Finding a balance is hard, maybe impossible at times. Life will get in the way as well but if there’s one thing this episode has taught me, it’s that even the rich and famous make an effort to balance it all out.

They haven’t figured it out and chances are we won’t either but what we can do is make the most of the time we have together instead of wasting it!

Make your presence felt fellas, the balancing act can’t happen without our EFFORTS!

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