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Teaching your kids about settling

How do you teach your kids about settling?

In particular, how not to settle when you have what you want in front of you?

Here at Cool4Dads aka #FatherhoodIsLit I like to think of cool ways to enjoy myself when I am with my kids.

The by-product of doing that is that I am constantly teaching my kids something or the experience we are doing teaches them something new.

Sometimes we do some wild stuff like ziplining and you will constantly hear me telling my older son, “You can do this!” I try to remind all of my kids that they can do anything their heart tells them to do.

But there are times when they settle and that’s where a dope dad like us comes into play.

Settling around dad is a no no

no settling
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There are times to settle and then there are times when you have to step up to the plate and take everything you want!

That happened with my oldest as he got his reselling on with the last buying session of the winter Supreme season.

It was a huge week, highly limited and hyped up CrossBox Logo T-shirts were coming out. My son was preparing for this buy all season. He reminded us what colors were in, what sizes work, and told us that since we had an appointment at the store, we would COOK big time!

Cook turned into settling

Everything went as planned except the buying part. Big man did a whole lot of buying but bought everything in the wrong size except these cool Chucky Dolls!

never settling chucky supreme
Fun fact, before we called him snackman he was known as chucky

His excitement let him settle and he didn’t check the sizes of the gear before paying for them. Then I fxcked up!

As soon as I noticed what was going on I went off. I reminded him about everything he told us we didn’t know that he didn’t even implement. I was so caught up with coming after him that I didn’t take a second to fix it!

Big big lesson!

Teaching them about never settling!

Instead, I should have taken the time to educate instead of attack! Maybe even helping to fix the issue. 

This week we covered what I should have done on the 1st episode of season 3. As always I don’t hold back so go check it out below.

never settling

Here’s how you teach them about never settling:

  • remember they are kids, everything we think they know, they might not
  • take a chill pill and settle down, you can’t educate when you’re upset
  • it’s not the end of the world, have a real discussion about it and see what happens next time

As fathers, sometimes we let the heat of the moment take over. It’s normal but the real magic happens once we catch ourselves. Take the time to educate them when the smoke clears and remind them that they will mess up at times.

That mess up shouldn’t and most likely won’t be the end of the world. Fix it and never settle for anything your heart isn’t content with.

never settling fatherhood is lit

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