30 Mar

No Health, No Dad: We Do It For Our Kids

Our health is one of those things, fathers don’t always talk about.

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23 Mar

Kicks & Your Kids, The Sole Connection with Kian Miller

Kicks aka sneakers play a huge role in our culture!

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16 Mar

Deadbeat People: Selfish vs Selfless

When you hear the word deadbeat, you associate it with a deadbeat mother or father but others can be deadbeats as well!

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09 Mar

Teaching your kids how to handle a gun

I have always wanted to teach my kids how to handle a gun!

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23 Feb

Child Support: We Do It For Our Kids

What’s real child support and what’s the definition a DOPE DAD would use?

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16 Feb

Learning from Social Working with Bas Moreno

Growing up in the hood we all knew the social workers!

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09 Feb

Traditions: It’s who you do it with that matters

Traditions, it’s not what you do but who you do it with that matters.

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26 Jan

Got Sole: Attending A Trade Show With Your Kids

How can we use a trade show to educate our kids?

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19 Jan

Actions over resolutions, the dad way!

Resolutions, are they holding you down, or are your actions doing so?

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