14 Apr

Protecting all kids, even if they are not yours

Protecting all the kids around you is a must!

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07 Apr

Minivan Dad Life with Nate Watson

Can a minivan dad have as much fun as other dads?

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31 Mar

Vacationing With Kids During Covid

Vacationing is something all families enjoy but this year is different. 

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24 Mar

Coparenting for the win with Joel Leon

Coparenting is one of those things that can either put a smile on someone’s face or destroy them.

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17 Mar

Dad caught covid and so did the kids 😢

Dad has Covid that’s something that I never wanted to hear

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12 Mar

A note about pride and kids

Pride can be taught without putting someone else down.

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10 Mar

Balancing family & work with Statik Selektah

Statik Selektah makes balancing #dadlife and everything else look easy.

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03 Mar

Teaching your kids about settling

How do you teach your kids about settling?

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22 Feb

KAWS is coming to the BK Museum

Is a KAWS Exhibit Cool for dads? We are about to find out!

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02 Dec

Overcoming Trauma with Anthony Snow

Trauma comes in all forms and this week we wanted to talk about how it affects fatherhood.

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