05 Aug

Getting Creative with Brandon Busy Rivera

Getting creative and encouraging it gets crazy when life keeps you busy. 

I love encouraging creativity in my household and love hearing from those that do it professionally. 

busy #FatherhoodIsLit

This week, I sat down with Brandon “Busy” Rivera to talk about creativity and more. As Head Of Creativity at Cinematic Music Group. I knew Brandon helped some of our favorite artists get creative. 

But how did he or how can we approach it?

It starts by welcoming it! 

Getting creative with Busy Rivera

For some, they double down on showing them by example or even daily affirmations like my homie Julian Mitchell does with his son. Both work great.

Busy simply welcomed it. He was creative by nature, so was his wife, so the examples were there. They just had to appreciate it, enjoy it, and on some occasions even say, I wonder where she got that from (we all have been there lol,) whenever their daughter showed off her creativity. 

Sometimes I forget how dope it is to soak in their moments of creativity or even amp them up. Busy reminded me that I have to take advantage of moments like that even more. Which means my sons will be embarrassed even more during school events. The life! 

Brandon “Busy” Rivera

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Salutes to Busy for coming through and representing for us. 

To get in contact with him: 

Instagram: @busyrivera

Website: Cinematic Music Group

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