15 Jul

The Swagger Dad w/ Danny Reyes

I thought I lost my swagger ūüė©

Ever since my kids were born, the style side of me took a hit. 

I used to love wearing new sneakers and dope outfits to match the kicks. However; as a dad, I have learned that you can’t be stylish near your kids.¬†

They jump all over us, stain our shirts and it makes no sense running around in a playground with limited sneakers on your feet. Those sneaker prints never come off.

Style now is leaving the house with a shirt that doesn’t have a stain on it, cargo shorts, and some black sneakers. That’s my uniform of choice and even though it lacks swag, it still makes me feel great! Judge all you want.

Swagger is a feeling

swagger dad #fatherhoodislit

This week, the homie Danny Reyes aka Swagger Dad came through to reinforce that swagger can be more than visual, it’s more about how you feel!¬†I guess I didn’t lose my swagger after all.

It’s not about how stylish your attire is or how much it costs. To Danny, it’s how you feel about yourself. Not what others deem as fashionable or having swagger. 

But how do we teach our kids that without being so-called ‚Äúwashed up‚ÄĚ dads? By being a DOPE DAD!

Danny “SwaggerDad” Reyes

journaling fatherhood is lit

We talked about not being influenced by others, budgeting vs balling, joked about twinning with our kids, and more. 

That’s where the fun begins and Danny dropped gems.¬†

Rock those stains with proud my fellow fathers, it’s a badge of honor! If people judge you for that, so be it. Create dope memories with your kids, that’s all that matters in my book.


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