17 Jun

#FatherhoodIsLit with Chuck Creekmur of AllHipHop.com

Chuck Creekmur came through to represent for the dads!

Not only did he represent for the dads, but he also represented for the Hip Hop dads out there.

They say Hip Hop Kids need Hip Hop Dads and with this one, Chuck Creekmur proved how important it is to put our kids on to the culture we love. 

And man did he represent!

Chuck Creekmur, more than journalism

Chuck Creekmur #dadlife #fatherhoodislit

If you don’t know who Chuck Creekmur is, chances are you have seen him around or at least felt his work. He’s the founder of AllHipHop.com one of the first Hip Hop influenced websites on the net.

Here he would showcase the music we love while also putting new artists on the map. It went from being a music site to encompassing all parts of the Hip Hop culture, even politics. 

Chuck Creekmur has a huge platform and he has no shame in using it for what’s right. You can always catch him talking about the important topics that not only affect Hip Hop but our people. 

The #FatherhoodIsLit Podcast

Chuck Creekmur #FatherhoodIsLit

I asked Chuck Creekmur to come to drop some gems for the #FatherhoodIsLit community because of the picture above. 

In the picture, he took his daughter to a special concert with Jay Z and Jay Electronica. I wanted to know how it felt being able to be part of history like that with your kids. I want to be a dope dad and take my son to his first real concert, I needed to hear what Chuck Creekmur had to say about the experience. 

He hooked us up and then continued to drop gems on how Hip Hop influenced his upbringing and how he is educating his daughter about the culture. 

Chuck Creekmur You Lead #fatherhoodislit

As an older dad in Hip Hop, these are the conversations I love the most. Being able to put our kids on to the music and culture we love is truly a blessing. We even laughed about Kidz Bop and how I used to be a fan lol. Hey, I tried to shield my kids from the curses, don’t judge me, it was a huge mistake but I meant well! 

Just like Chuck Creekmur, I won’t shy from putting my kids on to the culture I represent and know for a fact that YOU won’t shy from it either. Make your presence felt. 

To get in contact with Chuck, 1st add value! Then visit these sites:

IG: @ChuckCreekmur

Website: AllHipHop.com

Check out what Chuck Creekmur had to say below. 

journaling fatherhood is lit

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