24 Jun

The Essential Dads, Yup That’s Us #FatherhoodIsLit

I am an essential dad and damn proud.

I’m not a first responder and I’m not an essential employee but that doesn’t mean that I am not essential to my kids.

Dads like us, we are as essential as it gets. Can kids survive without a dad, just mom? Of course, they can but it’s not the same as having both parents around.

I learned how to be a dope dad from my dad being there and even from the lack of his presence at times. He was an essential part of my life just like my mother was and now it’s my turn.

How essential are we?

#FatherhoodIsLit essential
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This week I covered how a sign (the picture above) got me thinking about how essential I was to my kids’ lives.

When you dad, you really don’t put to much mind to that part. It’s not a job it’s our duty, we just do it!. It’s our duty to be there making our presence felt while also guiding our kids.

By being there we don’t just guide our kids, we focus on protecting them We apply that extra level of protection because we care and know they, our kids are everything. We teach them how to move accordingly. We are there to pick them up when needed but also there to let them know when they are not being there best.

Can’t happen without presence

essential dad #FatherhoodIsLit

All of these things happen naturally but they can’t happen if we don’t show up!

Always remember, we dads don’t get awards for doing what we are supposed to do. We won’t get cool mural for our efforts and chances are the only time we did get props in the media, is for father’s day.

However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t important. Your kids might not even be able to tell you that but watching them grow while keeping them safe speaks volumes.

That’s all the accolades a dad like me needs and I’m sure you feel the same way.

We matter, we are essential, make your presence felt!

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