08 Jun

Keeping it Hip Hop with DJ EFN

DJ EFN came through to talk fatherhood and Hip Hop with the #FatherhoodIsLit crew this week.

I love Hip Hop!

My 1st vinyl was NWA’s Straight Outta Compton. I was only 8 years old at the time of its release but my dad loved it so much that he made sure I had my own copy.

dj efn fatherhood is lit

Growing up in the South Bronx during the birth and growth of Hip Hop is something that I will forever be grateful for as I believe Hip Hop saved my life.

Without it, I wouldn’t have known what it meant to dream big and realize those dreams from the hood I came from. I was a Puerto Rican in the South Bronx, Hip Hop gave me an identity and HOPE!

I wanted to find out how Hip Hop has influenced a dope dad like DJ EFN and man did he hook me up!

The legend DJ EFN

dj efn fatherhoodislit

If you don’t know who DJ EFN is you better do your googles. At the moment he is the founder of Crazy Hood and hosts 2 podcasts called the Drink Champs and the Fatherhoods Podcast. I was on Fatherhoods before, check it out HERE!

DJ EFN has cemented his legacy in Hip Hop due to his mixtapes in the early ’90s where he made sure he put on for Miami’s Hip Hop Scene.

He curated his own mixtapes with people he thought not only needed to shine but were also doing big things for the Miami Hip Hop scene. He wasn’t the leader in the scene but his addition to it sure did make a difference and he walked us through it all.

DJ EFN The Father

dj efn

Hip Hop is full of lessons and I wanted to know how DJ EFN uses the genre to educate his daughter. Especially as a Cuban/Italian father!

As a Latino in Hip Hop sometimes I get questioned about my motives which is fine and this is something I really wanted to cover with DJ EFN. He didn’t hold back and talked about doing the work over everything else! Huge lesson for the kids to be honest and ourselves.

One thing I always want to know is how a legend handles fame and having really famous friends when the kids are around. How do they act? He told me how he himself is humble and how that translates to his daughter. We talked about leaving a legacy, why it is important and so much more.

These are the conversations I live for and DJ EFN didn’t let me down.

Big shoutout to DJ EFN for coming through, talking #dadlife, and keeping it super real with our community. To hear what he had to say, tune in below

Contacting DJ EFN:

Instagram: whoscrazy
Website: Crazyhood
Podcasts: Drink Champs & Fatherhoods Podcast

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