22 Oct

Turning Nightmares into dope memories with the Nightmare Machine.

They say you shouldn’t let your kids watch horror movies because it causes them to have nightmares. I could care less what they say!

Yup, I’m that dad! I love scaring my kids and then capturing the moment.

Nightmare Machine #FatherhoodIsLit

This weekend, I didn’t even have to work hard on either front, we got lucky and visited The Nightmare Machine in Brooklyn. It was hosted by the dope folks of the popular Dream Machine Pop Up Event and was definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event.

Will they help me with my nightmares?

Nightmare Machine #FatherhoodIsLit

Nightmare Machine is a pop-up event in Brooklyn that transforms some of our wildest nightmares into picture worthy scenes! Get your social media on. 

There are 9 rooms where guests can find everything from Space Ships to even a “Millennial Graveyard” to take photos in. They also have random killer clowns walking around scaring everybody while we ate cotton candy together.

haters Nightmare Machine #FatherhoodIsLit

I took my 12-year-old but I know for a fact my 5-year-old and even my 2 year old would have loved it. It’s perfect for all ages.

If you love taking dope photos with dope setups then this is a content creators dream! It is a self-guided tour and lasts about 45 minutes. They even have a free coat check so you don’t have to keep taking them off for cool shots. Winning!

Pictures last a lifetime

1 hand Nightmare Machine #FatherhoodIsLit

If you love horror scenes or simply love talking cool pictures with your kids, then you can’t miss this event.

The minute we walked in we were encouraged to take photos by the staff. Not only do they encourage you to take shots, but they help you take them. No more awkward selfies or having your kid cut your head off in a shot lol. I hate when they do that and some adults even do it also.

If they are busy, you can ask one of the people on tour with you to take your picture together. Just remember to offer to do the same for them, chances are everyone will be down to help each other out. Here at Nightmare Machine, we both took photos that will last a lifetime.

Making memories one room at a time

 laundry Nightmare Machine #FatherhoodIsLit

When I 1st heard about this event, I didn’t really know what to think. I have heard of pop up events before but couldn’t really picture what my $38 a person would get us.

Did I really need their help to take photos? Would the rooms be corny instead of invoking the sense of fear with their nightmares? All of these things kept running through my head as we stood in line but after seeing all the people smiles after finishing their tour, it finally hit me.

All of those things didn’t matter, my son was excited about it and we were going to use all 9 rooms to create some dope memories together regardless! It was #PresenceOverPresents time and that’s all that mattered.

We laughed while posing like we were Instagram models and it forced us to really get creative with it. We just couldn’t smile and hug each other at each location, or maybe we could?

Spending time together is priceless, even if nightmares are involved

roachesNightmare Machine #FatherhoodIsLit

What really made it fun was watching my son using his imagination for the perfect picture.

The way the rooms were set up made my son really think about his pictures and forced me to step my game up. I can’t lie, I looked at some of the younger kids taking photos before us and used that as inspiration.

Damn kids really know how to work those angles and their creativity.

One of my favorite rooms was one full of roaches. I grew up in NYC and used to chase the roaches away from my cereal at times. That brought back some old memories that I could share with my son. It was like the movie Joe’s Apartment, except they didn’t sing or dance. Which was a good thing, I hate roaches and would have smashed them lol.

Do it before it’s too late

horror clown Nightmare Machine #FatherhoodIsLit

I am so glad we were able to experience the Nightmare Machine pop up event together. We are new to this whole pop up experience but felt why they are becoming extremely popular the minute we walked in.

Every single roomed offered something exciting to capture and the staff really motivates you to take cool photos without harassing you. But most of all the memories are easy to capture because of the great setup and YOUR own imagination.

It’s a picture takers dream and watching my son smile from room to room was all the return on investment I needed! Can’t wait to do it all over again next year. 

This exhibit only runs until October 31th so get your tickets asap by clicking HERE.

Ever did a Halloween Themed Pop-Up Event? I would love to hear how it went, hit me up so I can hook up the other cool dads like us!


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